Official Time for Nick Names!!!

Alright so very quickly, I am a huge fan of nicknames. When I was a kid, it made athletes just seem that much more larger than life. Growing up I find that nick names are slowly disappearing and that makes me just a little sad. There are no more Fridges, No more Buses, No more A-Trains, Cool Joes, Flippers or Freaks...

I have been trying to create nick names for players for the past couple years, in the hopes that if they become good to great, some sort of name is already established. Also, its just really fun for me.

We have had names come around Hynocerous - thanks to R44 for that one (made it on TV), The Kracken (Chucky got the name right but thought we were talking about our Dline not just one player) that have panned out. And others that have not (the pharoah, fantastic four, etc.)

So with trying to keep the tradition going, I would like your help in getting some names for our new players. I am only putting Draftees on this list, if you can think of better ones, by all means. That is the point of this

Pugh - I got nothing - Sad that number 1 draft pick doesnt have a ready made one, but our later round one does

Jonathan Hankins - Hank the Tank, fairly easy, looking for another one.

Damontre Moore - DaMonster - This is what I am talking about!

Ryan Nassib - I was thinking of something like commander in training, I firmly believe he will be our QB of the Future

Cooper Taylor - The Spyder - I heard this one going around at Draft day, I personally like it, he is a supposed ball hawk with lightning speed. that name just kinda fits.

Eric Herman - The Pancaker! - its like "the destroyer" but made just for pancakes. which is what he does. He makes pancakes.

Michael Cox - I am really trying to stay away from the obvious, but images at my giants bar back in the day with Madison Hedgecock on the team... and those fans being fans screaming at Ward and BJ to follow "hedge"cock.. keep bringing me back to this - "The Unit"

If you can do better POST!!! I kinda want this finalized by seasons start. Its way more fun to use made up names during the season and have everyone here know, why trololololers are left wondering who we are talking about. Its also way cooler when announcers use our nicknames during the games themselves.

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