The Official 53 Man Roster, But Probably Not

I know Ed has been doing his 53 man roster and Invictus has been giving his in the comments after every preseason game but I figured I would give mine after the 2nd preseason game.

Now, because I'm a New York Giant fan, my roster will be filled with objectivity as well as a lot of bias. I'm going to give a combination of what I hope the final roster will be as well as what I think the coaches final roster is going to be.

I will give a position by position breakdown filled with explanations of why those players were chosen. This post will also include words, numbers, players names and nick-names, maybe a picture, humor and some other stuff, I guess.

Now before we start, a little humor for you. For some reason every time I think of Ed, I get the vision of Eddie from Christmas Vacation.



I swear it's a compliment. Anyway, let's get started.

Your 2013 New York Giants

Offense: (24)

QB(3): Eli, Carr, Nassib

- I really, really wanted to only keep 2 QB's but I didn't see a way where the coaches would only keep 2. If it were up to me then Carr would be taken out to the wrecking yard or sent to Chase Blackburn's couch.

RB(3): Dark Wing, AB2, Cox

- This seems like a no brainer even though I would feel more comfortable keeping 4 RB's. The problem is that these are the only RB's that I think are worth keeping. Scott has no wiggle at all and can only run in a straight line. Keeping Torain would seem like a waste of a roster spot as well. This also allows us to keep 3 QB's.

FB(1): Hyno

- The only question here is health and whether or not Hyno will start the season on PUP. I think the Hyno will be ready to go either by week 1 or soon after.

TE(3): Myers, A-Rob, Pascoe

- I would love to add Donnell to this group but I just can't find any room for him. Pascoe just has enough value left in him for this year. Next year should be Donnell's year to make the final roster.

OL(9): Beatty, Boothe, Baas, Snee, Pugh, Diehl, Brewer, Cordle, Mosley

- Let's go ahead and get it out of the way. I hope Diehl is making a killing with his escort service. To me, Capers is a tough cut here because he absolutely deserves a roster spot over Diehl. However, there is no way TC will be cutting his love child (best explanation I can think of as to why he still has a job).

WR(5): Nicks, Cruz, RR82, Murphy, JJ12

- Barden is the only other receiver that I can see making the roster but he won't unseat anyone to do it. As we saw from preseason game #2, JJ12 has a lot of value if Cruz has an injury. It's time to put the Pharaoh in his tomb and say goodnight.

Defense: (26)

DE(5): Tuck, Kiwi, JPP, DaMonster, Trattou

- This was one of the harder cuts, To me, the last spot comes down to 3 guys - Trattou, Tracy, and Ojomo. This is really a toss up in my eyes and can see it going either way. I'm just not that big a fan of Tracy and don't think he provides much upside. However, I'm a huge fan of Ojomo and it was hard leaving him off the roster. The problem I see right now is that I believe that Trattou is the better overall player at this point in their careers. Ojomo has a lot of potential but I will have to give the nod to Trattou.

DT(5): Anvil, Jenkins, Hankins, Patterson, Rogers

- This seems like a hard cut but it was pretty easy for me. I'm just not a big fan of Austin. The last DT spot comes down to Rogers and Austin. I would rather have another fatty that can stop the run but that's just me and Hankins, Patterson, and Rogers provide a lot of beef.

LB(6): Spitty, Conner, J-Will, Rivers, Herz, Curry

- Beezer Brigade Unite. Everyone's favorite position is here - el beezers. This one is actually pretty easy to predict or so I think. I could actually see a scenario where the coaches keep Bosworth over Curry for special teams purposes but I don't think that is very likely. Anyway, my starting line-up would be Spitty, Conner, and J-Will. For some reason that seems like the best line-up to me.

CB(6): Prince, Webby, Ross, Hosley, McBride, T2

- I was able to find a way to keep both McBride and T2 which is what I really wanted to do. However, if T2 can't show he can play in the preseason then he will get cut.

S(4): Rolle, Brown, Mundy, Sash

- This is another difficult cut. Rolle, Brown, and Mundy seem like no brainers. The issue is what to do with Sash, Hill, and Taylor. To me, it looks like the coaches are setting up to put Taylor on the Red Shirt IR like Cruz and Mosley. Sash keeps his spot since Hill has a suspension. Once the suspension ends, the coaches will have a difficult decision but I think they will cut McBride and keep Sash along with Hill.

ST: (3)

K(1): Brown

P(1): Weatherford

LS(1): DeOssie

PUP: Kuhn

- Will give some depth if needed in the middle of the season. If he is not needed then they can always put him on IR and save him for next year.

SUS: Hill

- Just say no Will, just say no!

Red-Shirt IR: Taylor

- If you want to make this team then you need to play or at the very least practice. Come on, Man. This sucks because I was really looking forward to seeing this kid play in the preseason.

Practice Squad: Herman, Donnell, McCants, Kevin Hardy, Charles James, Junior Mertile, Sabino, Tweedy, (who knows with the practice squad)

- I don't know if Ojomo is eligible for the practice squad but he might be because he was never active last year. If he was able to clear waivers then this would be the spot for him. Although, that is a big if.

All in all, this looks like a pretty good roster and we will probably have a similar season to last year. Hopefully we can make enough plays to get into the playoffs this year.


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