Giants' fans ranked No. 4 in study by Ticket City

Al Bello

Fans of the New York Giants were ranked fourth-most "engaged" among NFL franchises in a study by Ticket City.

How 'engaged' in their team are New York Giants' fans? According to a first-ever study by, Giants' fans are the fourth-most engaged fans of any NFL franchise.

Giants' fans received an overall score from Ticket City of 85.51 out of a possible 100. Fans of the Dallas Cowboys (100), New England Patriots (89.64) and Green Bay Packers (87.29) were the only fan bases judged to be more engaged than Giants' fans.

How did Ticket city come up with its rankings? It used a weighted algorithm based on seven categories:

  • Average total attendance, all games (5)
  • Average home attendance (10)
  • Average ticket price (5)
  • Average home game ticket price (10)
  • Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
  • Facebook likes (3)
  • Twitter following (3)

The Giants are second in the NFL is average home attendance. The average crowd at MetLife Stadium for a Giants' game is 80,495, second only to Dallas with 88,531. The Giants are also second to the Cowboys in overall attendance at 76,870 -- meaning they travel well.

Giants' fans don't wave 'Terrible' Towels' like they do in Pittsburgh. They don't make a deafening amount of noise like fans in Seattle. They don't have a 'Dawg Pound' like they in Cleveland. Yet families roll out to games, often passing down tickets for generations. They are active in social media and on talk radio. Fans consume reams of information on a daily basis -- there really is no ceiling on how much is too much.

I know you don't like being rated behind Cowboys' fans, but this is a pretty good indicator of something we already knew -- this is a solid, knowledgeable, loyal, involved fan base.

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