I'm Not in the Business of Making Excuses: Bill Parcells Stories


The rest of your life, men: nobody can ever tell you that you couldn't do it, cause you did it.

On Sunday, Bill Parcells will finally be inducted into the Hall of Fame. What he did for the Giants alone should afford him that honor, what he did afterwards just solidified his case, in my opinion.

Parcells is known for his motivation skills, for bringing out the best in his players. The above quote is just one, said after the Giants won their first Super Bowl ever. (If anyone can find video of him saying in, I think America's Game, you'd be the man!)

In honor of Parcell's long, illustrious career, I thought I'd share some of his best. I found many of these from this website, when I went searching for some of his quotes and months ago. It's long, but everyone should try and read through it. Here are some of my favorites anecdotes:

On Thursday prior to the 1990 NFC Championship game, Parcells gathered his team and explained to them that if they were to beat the 49ers in San Francisco, the Giants would travel directly to Tampa for the Super Bowl rather than coming back to New York. He told his players that they could pack for a weekend if they planned on losing in California or they could pack enough for an extra week in Tampa. As the team mulled the question, Parcells grabbed an extraordinarily large suitcase from under the table and slammed it on the table, saying "I think you know my answer.

Parcells didn't see the Hart-Antuofermo fight in person but was told about it, years ago, by a friend and boxing trainer, Teddy Atlas. It stuck in his mind and now strikes him as relevant. Seated, at first, he begins to read aloud from the pages: how in this fight 29 years ago Hart was a well known big puncher heavily favored against the unknown Vito Antuofermo, how Hart knocked Antuofermo all over the ring, how Antuofermo had no apparent physical gifts except "he bled well." "But," Parcells reads, "he had other attributes you couldn't see." Antuofermo absorbed the punishment dealt out by his natural superior, and he did it so well that Hart became discouraged. In the fifth round, Hart began to tire, not physically but mentally. Seizing on the moment, Antuofermo attacked and delivered a series of quick blows that knocked Hart down, ending the fight. "When the fighters went back to their makeshift locker rooms, only a thin curtain was between them. Hart's room was quiet, but on the other side he could hear Antuofermo's cornermen talking about who would take the fighter to the hospital. Finally he heard Antuofermo say, ‘Every time he hit me with that left hook to the body, I was sure I was going to quit. After the second round, I thought if he hit me there again, I'd quit. I thought the same thing after the fourth round. Then he didn't hit me no more.' "At that moment, Hart began to weep. It was really soft at first. Then harder. He was crying because for the first time he understood that Antuofermo had felt the same way he had and worse. The only thing that separated the guy talking from the guy crying was what they had done. The coward and the hero feel the same emotions. They're both human."

And lastly:

Don't worry about it. It's just a bunch of guys with an odd-shaped ball.

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