NCAA Player Rankings !!!

Hello all and welcome to my first ever FanPost.

I figured I'd make a list of the top players and their overall rankings in the newly released NCAA football '14. I feel this would garner some interest with the many draft obsessed fans we have here at BBV, as well as the college fans. Another reason I decided to make this post is that, as many of you know, that NCAA '14 does not list the players actual names so it's a pain to try and change all of them over to their actual name. There is probably a website or blog somewhere online you can go to look all this stuff up but i felt like this would be fun to have here @ BBV and could be good conversation starter in this long off-season.

I decided to list all players by position that have a 90+ ranking with some other notables( basically early round draft talents that are below 90). As of now i'm only going to list a players overall ranking and maybe a couple of notable attributes/characteristics for some of the players( Ex. Speed- 98). For the QB's and Mike's I did players 91+ because there's a bunch at 90.

If you have any inquiry's on specific players that I have not listed or would like to know certain numbers on a players attribute/ characteristics, feel free to ask and i'll directly reply with the info or add them to the notables.

All underclassmen are listed.

These rankings will most likely be updated by the time the season starts.

Let me know if I need to make any changes.


97-Johnny Manziel, SO, (Texas A+M), SPD-91, Acceleration (ACC)-95

97-AJ McCarron (Bama), Throw Accuracy (THA)- 95

96- Braxton Miller (OSU), JR, ACC- 92, Throw Power (THP)- 91

96- Teddy Bridgewater, JR, (LOU) THP-93 THA-92

96- Aaron Murray (UGA) THP-95

95- Tajh Boyd (CLEM)- TPH 94

93- Jordan Lynch (NIU)- THA- 90

93- Bryn Renner (UNC)- THP-93

92- Derek Carr (Fresno)- THA-90

91- Taylor Martinez (NEB)- ACC- 97


90-Logan Thomas (VT) THP-92

89- David Fales (SJSU) THP-92 THA-89

88-Brett Hundley ,SO, (UCLA)

Running Back:

97- De'Anthony Thomas, JR, (ORE)- SPD 98, ACC-99

94-Ka'Deem Carey, JR, (ZONA)- ACC- 96

93-Jeremy Smith (OkSU)- ACC 94

93- Henry Josey, JR, (MISSOU) Break tackle (BKT)- 90

92- Ledarious Perkins, (MISS ST) ACC-97

92- John Hubbert, (KSU), ACC-97

92- Todd Gurley, SO, (UGA), ACC-96

92- Lache Seastruck, JR, (BAY) ACC- 98

91- Ben Malena, (Texas AM)

91- Duke Johnson (MIAMI U)- SPD- 97 ACC 98

91- Dri Archer (Kent)

90- Brandon Williams, SO, (Texas AM) SPD- 94

90- Damien Williams, (OKLA)

90- Tre Mason, JR, (AUB) ACC-94

90- TJ Yeldon, SO (BAMA) ACC-96


89- Bishop Shankey, JR, (WASH) SPD - 90 ACC-93

89- Carlos Hyde (OSU) ACC-92

88-Devonta Freeman, JR, (FSU) ACC-94


91- David Sims (GT)

Wide Receievers:

97- Marquise Lee, JR, (USC) Catch CTH- 94 ACC- 98

95- Sammy Watkins, JR, (CLEM) SPD -97

93- Jared Abbrederis, (WIS) ACC-95

93- Jordan Matthews, (VANDY) CTH-92

92- Mike Davis, (TEX) ACC-92 Route Running (RTE)-95

92- Josh Huff, (ORE) ACC-97 RTE -92

92- Jaz Reynolds (OKLA) ACC-95

91- Jaxon Shipley, JR, (TEX) ACC-95

91- Devin Smith, JR, (OSU)

91- Cody Hoffman, (BYU) CTH-95

91- Amari Coooper, SO, (BAMA)- ACC 94 CTH- 91

90- Ed Ward, (TTU) ACC-98

90-Mike Evans, (SO) RTE- 91

90- Brandon Carter, JR, (TCU) ACC-95 Spectacular Catch (SPC)- 94

90- Der'rikk Thomason, JR, (SMU)

90-Josh Stewert ,JR, (OKSU)

90- Corey Brown, (OSU) SPD-96 ACC-99

90- Jeremy Gallon, (MICH) ACC-98

90-Rashad Greene, JR, (FSU) ACC 96

90- Matt Miller, JR, (BSU)


89-Shaq Evans (UCLA) SPD-93 ACC-94

88- Brandon Coleman ,JR, (RUT)- Elusiveness (ELU) - 90 SPC -90

88-Devonte Parker, JR, (LOU)-ACC-91 SPC-90

87- Allen Robinson, JR (PSU)

Tight end:

92- Austin-Sefarin Jenkins. JR, (WASH) Catch in Traffic (CIT)-90

90-Randall Telfair, JR, (USC)

90- Colt Lyerla, JR, (ORE)


88- CJ Fiedorowicz- (IOWA) SOD-86

88-Jacob Pederson (WIS)-SPD-87 AWR-83

85-Xavier Grimble,JR, (USC) SPD-86

83- Eric Ebron, JR (UNC) ACC-87

Left Tackle:

96-Jake Matthews (TexasAM) Strength (STR)- 97 impact Block (IBL)- 94 Run Block (RBK)-94

96-Taylor Lewin (Mich) STR-95 ACC 94 RBK-93 Pass Block (PBK)- 94

93-Kaleb Johnson, JR, (RUT) STR-95 (PBK)-93

92-Emmanuel McCray (OLEMISS) IBL- 92

91- Donald Hawkins (TEX) IBL-90

91- Jack Mewhort (OSU)- STR-93 PBK-92

91-LA'el Collins (LSU) ACC-92 PBK-93

91- Cryus Kouandjio, JR, (BAMA) ACC-91 PBK-92

90- Xavier Su'a Filo, JR (UCLA) STR- 92 PBK-93

90- Zack Martin, (ND) PBK-91

90- Seantrel Henderson (MIAU) STR- 93


89-James Hurst (UNC) - STR-90 ACC-92

Right Tackle:

95-Cameron Fleming, JR, (STAN)- ACC-91 AWR-95 PBK-96 IBL- 94

92-Trevor Foy (PUR) STR-92 AWR-93 RBK-91 IBL-91

91- Kevin Graf (USC) STR-94 AWR-91 PBK-93

Left Gaurd:

94- David Yankey, JR (Stan) STR- 92 RBK-96

92- Brandon Webb (OKSU) Awareness (AWR)- 93

92- Andrew Norwell (OSU) STR-96 AWR- 91

92- Cyril Richarson (BAY) PBK-92

91-Gabe Jackson (MISSST) STR-95 PBK-91

90- Trey Hopkins (TEX) STR-94 PBK-92

Right Gaurd:

94- Mason Walters (TEX) AWR-94 IBL-95

93-Anthony Steen (BAMA) PBK-93 RBK-93

90-Pat Junen (OLEMISS) STR-95 RBK-95 IBL-91

90-Spencer Long (NEB) RBK-92 IBL-90


88-Tre Jackson, JR, (FSU) STR-92


93- Andrew Miller (VT) AWR-92 RBK-90

92-Gabe Ikard (OKLA) ACC-93

91-Austin Barron, JR, (FSU) RBK-90 IBL-90

91-Travis Swanson (ARK) AWR 94

90- Corey Linsley- (OSU) AWR-90

90- Reese Dismukes, JR, (AUB)

Definsive End-

99- Jadaveon Clowney, JR- (SC) SPD-85 STR-91 ACC-94 Hit Power (POW)- 99 Finesse move rating (FMV)-99

94- Jackson Jeffcoat (TEX)- Power Move (PMV)- 96 Blobk Shedding (BSH)- 96

93- Ed Stinson (BAMA)- AWR-91

93- James Gayle (VT)- ACC-91 PMV-91

92- Marcus Rush,JR, (MSU)- AWR-92

91- Stephon Tuitt, JR, (ND)- STR-91 BSH-91

91-Jeoffrey PAgan, JR, (BAMA) FMV-90

90- Scott Chrichton, JR, (ORSU) PMV-91


89-Dominique Easily (FLA) AWR-92

89-Aaron Lynch ,SO, (USF)- FMV-91

88- Morgan Breslin (USC)- SPD-84

84- Trent Murphy- (STAM)

Defensive Tackle:

94- Louis Nix III, JR, (ND) STR-96 PMV-92

93- Will Sutton, (ASU)

92- Derrick Hopkins (VT)

90- Luther Maddy (VT) STR-90 Tackle (TAK)- 90

90- Timmy Jernigan, JR, (FSU)


89 -George Uko, JR , (USC)

88- Daniel McCullers (TEN) - 6'8'' 360!!! STR-98

88- Ra'shead HAgeman (MINN) PMV-89

87-Anthony Johnson, JR, (LSU)

Outside Linebacker:

95-Denicos Allen- (MSU) AWR-94 TAK-94

93-Ryan Shazier, JR, (OSU) POW-94 FMV-91

91- Anthony Barr (UCLA) TAK-92

91- Shaun Lewis (OKSU) ACC-92 AWR-92

91-Christian Jones (FSU)- ACC-92 TAK-90

91- Adrian Hubbarn, JR, (BAMA) TAK-92

90- Corey Nelson (OKLA) ACC-95 PUR-92

90- Andrew Wilson (MISSOU) TAK-90


89- Kyle Van Noy (BYU) PMV-91

87- Jeremiah Attaochu (GT)

Middle Linebackers:

97- CJ Mosely (BAMA)- ACC-92 AWR-94 TAK-94 SPD-89

94-Shane Skov (STAN)-AWR-92 TAK-92

93-Preston Bown (LOU)- TAK-91 FMV-91

92-Jordan Hicks, JR, (TEX)- ACC-92 AWR-94

91-Chris Borland (WIS)- ACC-90 AWR-95 POw-94

91-Caleb Lavey (OKSU)- AWR-93 TAK-93

91-Max Bullough (MSU) TAK-92


89- AJ Johnson, JR, (TEN) PUR-94 TAK-90

90- Trey Depriest, JR (BAMA) TAK-90

88- Andrew JAckson (WKU) Tak-92


92- Aaron Colvin (OKLA)- AWR-99 SPD-93 ACC-96 Tak-90

91-Justin Gilbert (OKSU)- Agility (AGI)- 93 ACC-93 MAN COVERAGE MCV- 98

91-Bradley Roby, JR, (OSU)- SPD-93 AWR-94 Press Rating (PRS)- 93

91-Chris Davis (AUB)- SPD-92 PRS-92

90-Kyle Fuller (VT)- ACC-92

90-Carrington Byndom (TEX) SPD-92 JUMP JMP-96

90-EJ Gaines (MISSOU) SPD-92 AWR-95

90-Darqueze Dennard (MSU) SPD-93 ACC-93

90-Lamarcus Joyner (FSU) AWR-92 ACC-92

90-Loucheiz Purifoy, JR, (FLA)- SPD-93 ACC-97


89- Jason Verrett (TCU)-SPD-92

89-Ifo Ekpre Olomu- (ORE) SPD-93

89- Terrance Mitchell, JR, (ORE) MVC-97 ZCV-96

88-MArcus Roberson (FLA) ACC-93

87-Antone Exum (VT) ACC-92 AWR-92

87- Deshazior Everett (TEXASAM) ACC-94 ELU-89

Strong Safety:

92-Christian Bryant (OSU)- ACC-94 PUR-95

91-Sean Parker (WASH)- AWR-93

91-Ibraheim Cambell,JR, (Northwestern)- ACC-92 PUR-91 BSH-90

91- Vinnie Sunseri, JR, (BAMA)- TAK-92 ZCV- 91

90- Tre Boston (UNC)- ZCV- 93

90-Craig Loston (LSU)- Pur-98

90-Ahmad Dixon (ORE)- ZCV-91 SPD-90


89- Ty Zimmerman (KSU) PUR-93

89- Hakeem Smith (LOU) ACC-91

86-Kenny Ladler- (VAN)

85-Dion Bailey , JR, (USC) SPD-91 ACC-96

Free Safety-

93- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, JR, (BAMA) AGI-92 ZVC-93

92- Quandre Diggs, JR, (TEX) ACC-94 JMP-94

91- Terrence Brooks (FSU) ACC-92 POW-90

90-Ed Reynolds, JR, (STAN) ACC-93

90-Daytawion Lowe (OKSU) ACC-91


89-Nico Whitley (MISS)- ACC-90

Hope you guys enjoyed the lists, like i said before feel free to shout out some names and I'll throw them in.

I also plan on doing a NCAA'14/Madden'25 import mock draft when Madden comes out, I appreciate any input you guys might have on it.

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