How a French guy becomes a Giants fan?

As I was commenting on a post on Hogs Haven, someone asked me a question that I often get when I post on SB Nation blogs: How a French guy becomes a Giants fan and what about American football in France?

I thought then that it would be a good idea to answer these 2 questions in a couple of fan posts. I say "a couple" because I know myself and when I start writing I just can't stop and as I hate myself to read huge articles, I'd rather make it easy on you by dividing this in 2 different posts. So I'll talk first about what led me to become of fan of this great franchise and in another post I'll explain to you how American football is seen in France.

How did I become a Giants fan?

I have been following the Giants since the February 3rd of 2008 also known as Super Bowl XLII when the Undefeated Patriots had one Giant loss handed out to them by the Gmen.

The thing is that before that night I didn't know anything about football (not even the 4 downs system, the difference between a fumble and an incomplete pass, the draft and the rest). Absolutely NOTHING. I even got confused at the beginning thinking that when a team scored, it was a home run...

I was actually quite lucky to be awake that night (it was past midnight in France) and in front of my TV going through the channels. I ended up on a channel broadcasting the Super Bowl (France Television had the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl since SB XL). My curiosity led me to remain in front of the TV and just watch the game.

Both teams were unknown to me but I had to choose one that I would root for during the game: I really liked the Patriots' uniform and helmet (yeah, I know...) but since I had a fascination for NY (which I have finally visited for a few days in march 2011), I decided to root for the Gmen. A few minutes after my choice, the commentator explained that the Patriots were undefeated while the Giants were huge underdogs and one of the worst team to ever get to the big game. For a second I almost regretted my choice but still decided to stick with the Giants and that weird looking schoolboy wearing number 10.

In the end I was right to cheer for the Giants as they gave me the best introduction to football that a fan can have: sacks, small guys carrying huge monsters on their back (I'm talking about one of my favorite player: Ahmad Bradshaw who was carrying Ty Warren), turnovers, TDs and an incredible finish.

I have always been a sucker for Hollywood finish were the hero manage to neutralize the bomb at the last second. The helmet catch and the TD that followed were really similar to that and I was jumping up and down in front of my TV.

I have never been a sports fan (I hate succer!), but since that day I only breathe football.

Since that night, I have been a fan of Big Blue through good times and frustrating times. I won't say bad times because I have not experienced something comparable to the 70s or the 90s (yeah, I learned a lot about Giants history on my freetime as well :D ) but the 2009, 2010 and 2012 (I exclude the 2008 as there were exceptional circumstances) were so frustrating that the typical bandwagonner would have jumped out of it a long time ago. But not me, I just could not give up on Coughlin's boys.

I have also created a blog dedicated to the Giants (see in my sig) 4 years ago which today counts around 5000 visits per months and the audience during the 5 months of 2013 is on the verge of matching the whole audience for 2012. It's not a lot if you compare that to other blogs such as Big Blue View but considering the size of the NFL fan community in France, it's a pretty nice audience.

So that's it. That's how I became an addict to the best sport in the world and also the best franchise in the NFL.

Next up: how is American football doing in the French territory

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