Ranking the skilled positions - NFC East



#1 Eli has the hardware, stats and the clutch gene. Those same things cant be said of the other East QB's. Maybe down the road it will be Bobby and maybe Romo has top 5 QB stats, but neither has proved to have the other variables that make up a great QB. Eli often turns scrub WR's and TE's into viable threats. To Giant fans this is no surprise, its the rest of the league that enjoys glossing over these facts.

Eli runs one of the most complex/risky Offensive systems in the league. A lot of what this O is predicated off is post snap reads. This means While "Eli is being Eli/ interception machine" its in large part due to an incorrect read by a WR or TE.

This often leads to a


Eli face.

Eli led a team to the SB with the worst rated run game and pass protection in the league.

Find me another QB capable of such a feat ... the list is short.

2. Tony Romo . There is no denying the dude is a stat monster .. Now if he can just win a playoff game.(or get there even)

3. Bobby G. May one day be #1 if he doesn't get every bone in his body pulverized by yr 4.

4. who knows whats going on over there.

#1 WR:


That score should read 29-24 Giants.

#1 Dez can be and probably is that good. He may after this yr be top 3 behind Megatron and Fitz. (IF..) I never thought it would happen because, well Im not sure he doesn't have them 3 little "Rice Krispie " dudes running amuck in that thing he calls a head. More often then not causing bad things to happen for the Cowboys in clutch time.

Obviously something kicked in for him the 2nd 1/2 of last yr.

92rec. 1382yds 12tds

those kind of #s while seeing a crap ton of double teams.

2. Hakeem Nicks. He himself could be a top 5 type WR if he can find a way to stay healthy. Giants O is 2 different beasts with him on the field.

3. Jeremy Maclin. He has had a good career, but has he lived up to what was projected of him as being the 2nd best WR (behind Crabtree) in the 09 draft? Nicks has better #s in fewer games. He also doesn't see the doubles Nicks does.

4. Pierre Garcon. He had a great yr, and it was undeniable how good that team got when he came back from injury. Need to see a full season though.



Victor Cruz is by far the best #2 in the division. He plays a lot of slot but ask the Skins how he is on the outside. Off yr this yr due in part of Nicks being hurt and the league just knowing now.. Cruz seen a lot more double teams and it confirmed why he is the #2 (and the lesser valued WR of the two) on this team.

2. DeSean Jackson. Yeah he is a 1 trick pony, but he is a shoe in for 1000yds and thats pretty much what you want in a 2. He is the big play waiting to happen that opens it all up for the Celek's of the world.

3. Miles Austin. He has been doing it for awhile now . He has solid hands, but he is the guy that reaps the rewards of the same thing D Jax does for the Eagles. Only he has the 2 headed monster of Witten and Bryant.

4.Santana Moss. He still around? Gotta respect the fact he still can get into the end-zone.



#1 LeSean McCoy. Great 3 down back. Scary good. numbers took a dive due to injury, but he still was very productive. I think he is somewhat a product of the system (much like another East RB) . Bryce Brown came in and they didn't miss a beat. I don't care though, id take McCoy in a heart beat. So a nice tandem the Eagles have.

2.Alfred Morris. This just kills me to put him at 2. He is without doubt a "System slut." If he was on the Giants he would maybe get 1/2 that yards total.. I know "But he was 2nd in the league in rushing!." IDC. "System slut."

3. DeMarco Murray. He could be the best of the bunch if he could ever stay on the field (his knock coming out) .. He never has, and more then likely never will . Good news for the rest of us.

4. David Wilson. At some point this guy will be #1. 5.0 yds per and catching ability . Has the speed of Chris Johnson and the powerful legs of a Marshawn Lynch. A deadly 1-2 punch with Andre Brown and his moving the chains ability . Who impressively posted a 5.3 avg.



#1 J Witten. What's to say, this guy hands down is one of the best in the league. Ask the Giant LBs... He posted 18rec. 167yds. in week 8 of last year on them. Ok, not so impressive when you look at what the Giants considered LBs last yr. The Boys are deep here as well.

2. Brandon Myers. Could be some yr for this kid. Giants have A LOT of talent at the WR position and Gilbride loves deep patterns. This can open up the underneath 1 on 1 vs a slower LB. Myers feasted last yr (806 yds) as Carson Palmer's only real weapon. Then factor what Eli has done with TEs like K Boss(567yds, nothing since), M Ballard(604yds) and "The black Unicorn"(626yds)...Blocking ? That's what Robinson is for. Another BIG TE that many Giant fans think may break out this year.

3. Brent Celek. Im going with Celek here. He has had a bit of a yoyo type career. He was really good 2 yrs ago. He really should be in the end zone more often being as he is the Eagles only real physically imposing player. The QB situation there in Philly could lend to him having another 700yd 2TD type season.. Blocking? o.0

3a. Fred Davis. I feel like Ive been waiting a long time for him to break out. Something whether its injury, QB related or just not getting it done just leaves me wondering when its going to happen. He could easily be #2 on this list, if...


I was inspired by a wonderful bunch of Cowboy fans who believe the Giants have 1 maybe 2 weapons to be feared on O. One being our rookie RT. lol! Well for the Giant fans that missed it, here is some comedy for ya.

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