Film Study: Johnathan Hankins, OSU

Johnathan Hankins - Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE

Hello Giants fans! Today we're going to do a film study on a guy who is new to the Giants, the big Johnathan Hankins. When I was sitting in my dorm room watching the second round, I was ecstatic when Hankins was our pick. This guy is a great defensive tackle and he's a big time space eater. With our problems against the run, this pick is obviously meant to address the hemorrhaging of yards that we allowed up the middle last year. There's no doubt in my mind that Hankins is going to be a very good 1-tech for the Giants for a long time.


Hard to imagine that it's an easy job to block this guy.

Defensive Tackle vs. Linebacker: A Quick Debate

This is a big time topic here at BBV, and I've purposefully been avoiding any discussion on it because I've wanted to take my time to reflect on the debate. In the end, I'm fine with what the Giants did here with this pick. To go even further, I'm fine with the entire draft, and the fact that we didn't snag a Linebacker doesn't really bother me.

I can hear the protests already, but let me finish. Yes, the Linebacker position is weak for us, and yes, I liked Arthur Brown as a prospect, BUT where does the run defense really begin? For me, the answer is in the trenches. Why were we allowing tons of yards up the middle last year? Sure Blackburn was slow, but it's hard to make plays against the run with a Guard is in your face. Now that's not an excuse for last year, Linebackers should be able to shed blockers and make plays, but that's why Blackburn isn't in a Giants uniform again this year. Dan Connor is an upgrade, and he's a proven commodity against the run. So it's natural that we beef up the line in front of him.

Our DT depth was atrocious last year, Chris Canty was out for the first six weeks and we had a seventh round rookie taking significant snaps until he tore his ACL. Marvin Austin was in what basically amounts to his first real year back in football, and even he started off the season with some back issues. Linval Joseph was our only stud at the position, but he was taking WAY too many snaps for a guy his size. Yes we replaced Canty with Cullen Jenkins, but that really only has an impact on the 3tech position. Don't count me as a believer in Mike Patterson or Shaun Rogers, both of whom have scary injury pasts and are getting up there in age. Kuhn and Austin are both 3techs as well, so I think it was almost pivotal that we nabbed another 1tech. I'll partake in a deeper DT/LB debate down in the comments, but right now I really want to focus this post more on Hankins.

The Measurements


Hankins running at the Combine. Get out of his way.

Height/Weight: 6-foot-3, 320 pounds

Arm Length: 33 inches

40 Time: 5.31 seconds

Bench Press: N/A

Overall: This isn't a guy who was going to blow up the Combine. 1-tech DT's/ nose tackles usually don't. Instead this is a guy that you have to watch on film to see the impact he makes. If your defensive tackle is running 40 yards down field, you're screwed anyway.

Career At Ohio State

Hankins definitely made a big impression up in Ohio, he started out his career as a freshman with 16 tackles, and was named the team's most outstanding first year defender. He stepped up big time in his sophomore year, racking up 68 tackles and recording three sacks, a pretty solid number for a man his size. This past season his production saw a slight drop off, with 55 tackles and only one sack, but he was also busy absorbing blocks for guys like Linebacker Ryan Shazier (a personal favorite of mine going into the 2013 college football season FYI).

The real thing that needs to be highlighted is Hankins versatility. Yup, there is the V word, versatility was a big component of this draft, as you could argue Pugh, Hankins, Moore, and Cooper are all very versatile players. Hankins was lined up all over the Ohio State defensive line. In the film I'm using, you'll see he plays 1tech, 3tech, 0tech (head-up on the Center), and even a snap or two at left defensive end. Not only did they use him all over the line, they used him all throughout the game as well. Hankins was a three down player for Ohio State, which isn't exactly something I would recommend for him on the NFL level. While Hankins preformed admirably, no matter how athletic a 320-pound guy is, he's not going to be top notch in the fourth quarter if he's not resting. This heavy amount of snaps that he took caused some evaluators to label him as a guy with a questionable motor. Some called him "streaky" or questioned if he took plays off. Folks, don't buy into that. The big guy got tired, that's all, it's to be expected. When he's rotating in with Linval and Co., there won't be any problems.

Another thing to note before diving into the film is the first step that Hankins possesses. For such a monstrous man, Hankins is extremely fast off the line. The reason Ohio State could play him at a bevy of positions was because he had the first step and initial burst to beat a lot of Offensive Lineman, both Guards and Tackles, off the ball. This helps him establish position quickly so he can either A) anchor and take up space, being in position to fight off potential double teams, or B) shoot the gap and either crush the running play before it gets started or rush the passer. Now despite his initial quickness, I wouldn't label Hankins a pass rusher. He doesn't really possess a good number of pass rushing moves, and stunts/crosses aren't really for a guy his size. However he can, and does, collapse the pocket enough to where it makes it difficult for quarterbacks to step into their throws. This is huge, it allows the defensive ends to come in off the edges and make a play, or if they can't get there in time it at least makes the quarterback uncomfortable.

The Film

This is Hankins game against Penn State. I hope yall aren't going into this expecting big time, flashy plays. If so, you'll be disappointed. What you should be looking for is how Hankins does as a big man. Does he get moved off the line, does he anchor well, ect. One point I'd like to make beforehand is I think Hankins is much better when he's playing either 0tech or 1-tech. He's good everywhere of course, but the inside is really his position of strength. Also, if you have a chance, look out for my man Ryan Shazier. He usually wears Number 10, but he's 48 in this video as he's honoring a friend from High school that had passed away.

0:00 - 0:09: Hankins lines up as a 5tech, 3-4 DE on this play. Does a good job using his hands and maintaining his edge. The play goes away from him to the middle.

0:10 - 0:18: Seems to be playing 1tech here, and I'd say he stalemates with the Center. May have gotten pushed back a very slight bit, but not very much. Also does a decent job shedding the block towards the end of the play.

0:19 - 0:25: Another 1tech play I believe. It seems that Hankins wants to slant to the right, and he does so effectively. The O-Lineman doesn't really do much, and Hankins makes his way down the L.O.S and lands on top of the ball carrier at the end of the play. Ow.

0:26 - 0:35: It appears that Hankins is playing 3tech here, or might even be head up on the Guard in a 2tech. With Ohio State's defense it's really hard to tell. Either way he dives inside the A-Gap and ends up taking on the Center. A good initial push, but his pads are too high and he starts going backwards at the end of the play. Isn't able to get off his block to make a tackle either.

0:36 - 0:44: I'm guessing here, but it looks like it's a 3 or 4tech. Either way Hankins does a good job one-on-one here, pushing his guy backwards and getting off his block about half a second too slow to be in on the tackle. Still, he was able to clear up a lane and let the LB come up to make the tackle.

0:45 - 0:53: Starts out in the 1tech and challenges the Center off the snap. The Center goes nowhere but backwards and Hankins does a good job making sure the pocket begins to collapse. Not a lot of room for the QB to step up if a DE comes free, but I'd still like to see a possible rip move here from Hankins. Nice job though.

0:54 - 1:02: Begins in the 2tech here, and goes to the inside. Seems to get caught up in the wash and doesn't really create any pressure from the middle here. This happens a lot to DT's on passing plays though.

1:03 - 1:10: Starts in the 3tech here. Hankins gets doubled and pushed back a bit as the RB tries to run off tackle. Others are there to swarm though since Hankins receives and extra bit of attention.

1:11 - 1:20: Hankins is playing the 3tech again, and once the play starts he almost immediately realizes that it's a screen and doesn't go any further upfield. The screen play happens too far out for him to be able to do anything about it, but nice recognition and good instincts. If that's a RB screen, it gets blow up Cofield-style by Hankins.

1:21 - 1:30: Lines up in the 1tech here, and has a good first step off the line. Gets a good, solid push against his blocker, but Hankins guesses a gap. This allows the RB to choose the gap Hankins didn't shoot into and turn it into a positive gain. Could have used some better gap discipline on this play.

1:31 - 1:41: Playing the 3tech here, Hankins goes to the inside and garners a double team from the Guard and Center. Still gets a very nice push and begins to collapse the pocket. The QB throws a pick six, right to Mr. Shazier. What did I tell yall?I also think Hankins throws a shoulder block as Shazier is entering the end zone. Niiiice.

1:42 - 1:48: Another 3tech play here, Hankins absorbs a double team and doesn't go backwards. He slowly moves his way down the line in attempt to get in on the play as well.

1:49 - 1:59: Lines up in a classic 0tech here, head up on the Center. Apparently Hankins is thinking about teeing off on the guy, because he jumps early. Not a fan of Hankins drawing a penalty here, but at least he's ready to get off that line. Hankins has been said to have a slight penalty problem, but hopefully this is a slight kink that can be worked out.

2:00 - 2:09: Is either playing a 2 or 3tech here, and I like what he does here. Does a good job getting off the line and engaging the blocker one-on-one. Doesn't go backwards and does a good job not sliding off his block and guessing a gap like he did earlier. Has good gap discipline and is able to get off his block to make the initial hit and wrap on the runner. Not a big time play, but this is a very solid, unnoticed play that good DT's will often make.

2:10 - 2:23: Starts out in the 3tech, but drifts to the outside and plays the Tackle one-on-one, with the TE in there to chip just in case. Hankins' lack of pass rushing moves is apparent here and he doesn't get any pressure off the edge. But you can't expect a 320 pound DT to come off the edge the same way a 270 pound DE does. No big deal here.

2:24 - 2:30: Looks like Hankins is in the 3tech again, and the Tackle attempts to cut the big guy. Hankins shakes it off like it's nothing and continues on down the line. The play is over before he can really do anything though.

2:31 - 2:39: Another 3tech play here, and it looks like Hankins is initially going to get beat here. I like how Hankins extends his arms and uses his hands to get off the block though, and if the play doesn't end sooner he's in good position to make a tackle around the L.O.S.

2:40 - 2:49: 3tech once again. Hankins comes off the line and runs into a double wall of pass blockers. He tries to loop around, but he just doesn't have the lateral speed or quickness to be doing anything like that. I'd enjoy seeing him really lower his pads and try to bull his way through there.

2:50 - 2:59: Hankins plays the 1tech here, but slants hard to his right. Great first step and knocks the Guard backwards off the ball. Almost is in position to drag down the runner as well, but he creates a great lane for the LB to come up and make the play. That's what I like to see. This is the advantage of having Hankins at 1tech. When he slants off and hits a Guard, they aren't quite expecting it. Combine that slight surprise with Hankins' quick first step and you have a solid advantage on defense.

3:00 - 3:07: Lined up as a 0tech here, and does a good job getting an initial push on the Center. It's a quick pass that's tipped by another D-Lineman though. Also, the CB Bradley Roby (#1) seems to be in position to make a big play as well. He's another guy to keep you eye on during the 2013 college season.

3:08 - 3:18: Another 0tech play here, and once again Hankins shoves the Center backwards. Helps collapse the pocket, and the QB is forced to roll out. Hankins does a nice job disengaging from his block and chasing after the QB. This forces a wonky throw that's completely off. Very nice play here.

3:19 - 3:31: I'm saying 3tech here, and Hankins falls for the screen. Literally, he falls. All his momentum goes forward and he stumbles as the Lineman pass him by. BUT, big props to Big Hank here. He gets up, and then chases the RB down and makes the tackle. It may be 10 yards downfield, but he shows desire and hustle here with how he recovers from his initial fault. This play makes me doubt the whole "questionable motor" crap I've seen. A guy with a questionable motor doesn't pick his 320 pound self up off the ground and run down a much faster guy.

3:32 - 3:41: Seems like Hankins is in the 3tech, or possible the 2tech. Either way, it's not an exciting play. He maybe gets pushed back a bit, but the play goes opposite of him and shut down pretty quickly.

3:41 - 3:51: Playing the 1tech here, Hankins almost makes me eat my words from earlier here. He tries rushing the inside, but he sees that's not going well and bounces to the outside again. He is about a second away from really getting up in the QB's face and causing real pressure.

3:52 - 4:01: Lines up in the 1tech here and does a good job absorbing the blockers and not getting pushed off the line. Seems to force the runner to go a bit father out than he wanted to, and the play gets blown up near the L.O.S, with Hankins coming in to help on the tackle towards the end.

4:02 - 4:11: Hankins is either playing the 1 or 2tech here, and doesn't really get much pressure here from the middle. Not much to write about.

4:12 - 4:22: A 3tech play here, and Hankins does a much better job getting his guy to go backwards. Works at collapsing the pocket, and gets his hand up as the QB hits his checkdown option.

4:23 - 4:32: Bad job by the entire Ohio State Defense as far as getting lined up in concerned. I think Hankins is supposed to be a 0tech here, but he never really gets in his stance. Still, somehow, the Ohio State defense stops that play pretty quickly.Hard to evaluate Hankins here.

4:33 - 4:42: Hankins plays the 0tech here, but doesn't really generate any pressure from the middle. Doesn't seem like he's able to decide what he wants to do. A big bowl of "meh" here.

4:43 - 5:03: Playing from the 3tech here, Hankins does a good job moving the Guard backwards. Eventually gets off the block and gets right in the QB's face as he makes his throw. Good job collapsing the pocket and causing pressure. QB makes a great throw though, so props there.

5:04 - 5:12: 0tech here, and Hankins does a good job of anchoring and not getting pushed back at the point of attack. Causes a big pile up at the center of the field, and it's hard to tell who makes the tackle here. Either way, great job being a space eater here by Hankins.

5:13 - 5:22: Hankins lines up in the 3tech here, but afterwards it's a shoddy camera angle to see what he does on the play. From what I can tell, he pushes the Guard backwards and does a great job opening a lane up for the LB to make the play. The play is right to Hankins area though, and it goes absolutely nowhere.

5:23 - 5:35: Hankins seems to be in the 1tech. Realizes it's not a run, and quickly drops back into coverage. You may laugh, but watch how he covers the check down option. The QB has to go elsewhere. Sure it's a Touchdown for the offense on this one, but Hankins more than does his job. Kudos.

5:36 - 5:44: Playing the 1tech, Hankins seems to get pushed back a bit. Recovers well though despite having his pads turned off the L.O.S slightly. Play gets blown up early though.

5:45 - 5:57: Lined up in either a 1 or 2tech, Hankins seems to try a stunt to the right. Doesn't really go well for him, and he has to come back to the side he was originally on. Not sure if that was a planned stunt or not, but either way, looping stunts really aren't for Big John.

5:58 - 6:08: In the 3tech, Hankins first step doesn't really seem to be forward, but more like he's trying to fake out the Guard. It doesn't really work, and Hankins doesn't get a lot of pressure here.

6:09 - 6:18: From the 0tech, Hankins really shows off a great first step and initial burst. He blows past his would-be blockers and rushes up the gut untouched. Nice pressure.

6:19 - 6:28: I'm thinking either a 2 or 3tech on this play. Tries a spin move, but it doesn't do much. Not a lot of pressure on this final play.

Final Thoughts

After looking back over the tape, I have to say I'm very excited to have Hankins as a Giant. If you're asking me, I think we got a heck of a steal in round two. To find such a talent DT at that point in the draft is very fortunate. What we have here is a big, quick guy that can give us a lot of options in both the passing and running game. Let me try to paint you a picture here.

If we're going up against the run, we have a lot of options with the pieces we have. We could easily line up a package that looked something like JPP - Linval - Hankins - Jenkins. This package would give us Jenkins at LDE, which he's played a bit of before. We won't really hurt for quickness, and both Jenkins and Hankins are quick for their size, yet it will give us an overwhelming power advantage. We could even manipulate this package in a few different ways if we wanted. Jenkins could play the 5tech with Hankins playing 3tech and Linval playing 1tech, OR we could possibly slide Jenkins head up over the Tackle in the 4tech, and double up Hankins and Linval as dual 1techs. This would absolutely clog the middle. If we're worried about the edge, we could either put a OLB more towards the edge, or maybe even be in a three Safety package that has Cooper patrolling the L.O.S.

Against the pass, we have a lot of interchangeable parts. I'd like to see Marvin Austin in there on passing downs, as I think he's got the tools to be a great pass rusher. If Austin progresses we could have a DT combination of Hankins/Anvil and Austin in the middle. If not, Jenkins is a very good pass rusher from the middle as well. Either way, we have our big guys (Hankins/Anvil) pushing hard from the 1tech and let Austin/Jenkins make the moves from the 3tech. This also forces the interior O-Line to focus on the DT's, which allows the DE's to come hard off the edges in one-on-one battles. JPP will love that.

If you really want to get fancy, we even have the pieces to run some 3-4 packages. Some BBV members have already pointed this out. Hankins and Linval are both more than capable of playing the 0tech, and Austin and Jenkins could play the 5tech DE's. This would allow JPP to stand up as an OLB on one side with Kiwinuka or maybe even Demantre Moore on the other. I'm not expecting Fewell to pull anything like this out during a game, but it's a thought.

All in all, Hankins is a great pickup. He offers us a lot of versatility along the D-Line, and it also helps lower Linval's snap count. The fresher Linval is, the better the Giants defense will be in the fourth quarter. Great use of the second round pick by Reese, and I'm expecting big things from Hankins. Thoughts Giants fans?

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