Get David Wilson in Space

Hi All,

I've been a loyal BBV reader since 2010, but just created my personal account a couple weeks ago. Today I finally posted my first comment, and thought why not splurge with a Fan Post! please note I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a writer or a film guys by any means and I'm doing this from my poor mans phone . While others are focused on rookies.I'm still pondering over the potential of last years first round draft pick David Wilson and the difference he can make if used to his skill sets. Of course his future rides heavily on our O-line, health,KG and of.course himself.

I'm probably not alone when I believe Wilson probably won't be making a living running between the tackles in 2013. Over the last few years I have lost faith in our O-lines ability to make holes or contain leverage at the point of attack. Getting to the edge won't be an issue for DW, but can it be sealed? With David "I still have a job? really!!? Dehil possibly starting the season at RT. we would need to run left 100% of the time. Don't get me wrong I do see a future with the Giants O-line running game just not for 2013.

So If he won't to getting to the edge often or slicing through holes in the middle where is DW gonna earn his pay check? In space! KG needs to be game planning to get this kid in the open field. I hope to see screens and Wilson to be Eli's #1 check down receiver. DW speed is no secret and if we start getting him the ball teams will have to game plan and respect his speed opening up the middle of the field and the deep ball. If used correctly I see Wilson with a break out sophomore season and in the running for most yardage from scrimmage for 2013.

I know, iknow I'm way ahead of myself and we have lots going on before the season starts, but I've been thinking about this all off-season. Please let me know what you think. Will Wilson have as big of a role as I'm hoping? Can the Giants run a screen successfully?

Thanks for listening,


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