Typical G-men Draft ...Wait, really?

Jerry Reese - The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Every analyst out there keeps talking about the typical Giants draft. Every year we try and figure out the trend. Every year the G-men do things completely atypical of the last year and we still try and put it in a box. Lets take a look at some of these so called trends:

Reese picks based on value - He has for sure. What GM hasn't? But, he always does? Nah. Justin Pugh may turn out to be a stud guard or tackle or even center but this was not a value pick. Sharriff Floyd DT from Florida would most likely have been the Vaiue pick. Again, none of us know what was on the Giants board but there was a reason most fans went whhhhhhaaaatt when Pugh was picked. Not because he can't be a great player but because many, including analysts not named Mike Mayock, believed there was far more value out there.

Reese and the G-men love high character guys - well who doesn't, but their third round pick is the complete opposite of this. So we praise the G-men for taking character guys like NRyan assib and Pugh and then we determine that Damontre Moore was a value pick. Wait, what happened to high character guys? Moore had off the field issues and it was rumored he had poor meetings with teams. Hell, Coughlin even called him "immature." Then we must deem the pick typical value because it didn't fit our bill of high character.

The Giants don't value O lineman - The Giants hadn't drafted an O-lineman since Luke Petitgout in 1997. Well they just recently drafted Will Beatty in the second round and Chris Snee in the second as well. You can only select one position in the first round, sometimes it's simply coincidence that a certain position doesn't get chosen -- not a trend.

The Giants don't value Linebackers - This seems so odd considering the days of LT, Carson, Banks, Johnson and many more, but this also appears to be fairly true. Why? They don't play the 3-4 anymore and the Giants want coverage athletes everywhere - hence the 3 safety net, 4-3 predicated pressure from DE's not LB's.

We always want to claim the G-men love value or high character guys and for every pick we place a new trend on Reese and the organization. The truth is the Giants have just as many guys who have had off the field issues forever. From Plax to Ahmad Bradshaw to Keith Hamilton to LT and the list continues in this violent sport. They have also had several high character players like Eli, Cruz, Snee, O'Hara, Pierce and many many more. They have picked for value - JPP, Kiwi - although one could argue they now just get to the QB via DE and not LB. They have drafted need - Nicks, Pugh. There really is very little trend to all of this, but it makes us feel a lot better when we can say there is.

Next year we are definitely choosing ..... No one you mock to us.

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