2013 NFL Off-season: Five potential breakout players for the New York Giants


Forget the NFL Draft for a minute. Kelsey looks at potential breakout players already on the New York Giants roster.

As teams around the NFL prepare for the 2013 season, the New York Giants have a lineup of players that are prepared to prove their worth. Here is a list of players that I think will possibly have breakout seasons in 2013.

Rueben Randle

Randle stood out in the last few weeks of the 2012 season, but with Domenik Hixon moving onto the Carolina Panthers, Randle's time to really shine will be in 2013. Randle has incredible athleticism and can be a perfect third down receiver with Eli Manning as his quarterback. Hakeem Nicks is returning from an injury-filled season and Victor Cruz is in contract talks with the team. Once this trio is official they will be a great threat to the league.

Markus Kuhn

In 2012 Kuhn showed some great potential for the defensive tackle core, but unfortunately an ACL tear sidelined him for half of the season. If Kuhn comes back healthy he can be a great asset to a defensive line that could use some help.

Will Hill

Hill showed incredible potential in 2012. With Kenny Phillips gone an opportunity is now open for Hill to prove it. Terrell Thomas is back from his injury, but Reese has talked about him possibly playing at cornerback. Either way the safety job will be left to Hill and Stevie Brown and they both proved in 2012 they can handle it just fine. Hill knows his job and goes out and does what he's expected of him. If expectations become higher, he'll meet them.

Prince Amukamara

He was a first-round pick in 2011, but Amukamara hasn't had a real chance to shine due to injuries. With a struggling secondary, Amukamara has a real shot at really standing out. His worst enemy is his health. When healthy he is the best corner on the team. If Amukamara can stay healthy he can make the secondary stronger.

James Brewer

Brewer's time to shine is coming, and I think we'll see it in 2013. The Giants have a very solid offensive line, but with a struggling David Diehl at right tackle. Whether we like it or not it's likely Diehl will be the starting right tackle, but if he does re-injure his knee the Giants should turn to Brewer. He can also be a suitable backup for Will Beatty if need be. Brewer may not be starting, but his opportunities are coming soon.

You can follow Kelsey O'Donnell on Twitter @KelsODonnell

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