Giants are Only a Small Step Away from the Big Game

The New York Giants have been in the top tier of NFL teams ever since they knocked the Patriots from the history books with their first of two Super Bowl victories. Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin have been together for seven seasons and they seem to have a formula figured out. Last seasons draft turned out to be one of their better ones as their first two picks produced. Both David Wilson and Rueben Randle played very well last season and both seem to have much more potential. The team hopes they can continue to grow with the offseason development program in place. Adrien Robinson was only able to play in 2 games last season because of injury, but hopefully that will change this year. Before last seasons draft Jerry Reese referred to him as the Jason Pierre-Paul of tight ends, that's a tall order but one I would love to see come true. The Giants don't have any glaring needs on the team, but a few incorrect picks or some bad luck, and huge holes could easily develop. If they add 1 or 2 solid players, and gain some depth at needed positions, this draft will be another great one for the Giants.


It seems like cornerback is a need for every team and the Giants are no exception. In a league that favors the passing game, and the freakish talent level of both quarterbacks and receivers, a good cornerback will always be in demand. When you add the ACL tear that has plagued Terrell Thomas, the giants need some help. Corey Webster will likely be a starter alongside Prince Amukamara, but both need some work. Particularly Webster, who has been prone to being beat deep on double moves. The Giants would love to get their hands on a big, physical corner who will hold up strong against the run on the perimeter.


In every single statistical defensive category the Giants were not a good football team last year. In reality, there was only one category where they measured up well, it just so happens that it is the most important category of all...points allowed. The "bend but don't break" philosophy is usually not the road to success in the NFL and the Giants need to make some changes. If they can shore up the linebacking corp it will take a lot of pressure off of the secondary when it comes to run defense. It will also allow the front four to rush the pass with more abandon, a technique that proved invaluable on their first Super Bowl run in 2007.

Defensive Line Depth

Even though everyone remembers the catch David Tyree made it was the defensive line that won the 2007 Super bowl for the Giants. Having fast, athletic players who could stay fresh and rotate in and out gave Tom Brady more than he could handle that game. Right now the team finds itself in a spot without nearly as much depth as they are used to having. After losing Osi Umenyiora to the Atlanta Falcons the Giants may not be able to take advantage of good matchups along the line as much as they have been in the past.

Offensive Line Depth

The Giants have the ability to excel in two key areas on offense: establishing a strong run game and throwing the deep ball off of the play action. If they can improve their offensive line they can really make some headway. A strong line will force defenses to put more defenders in the box to stop the run and allow Eli Manning to go over the top to Victor Cruz. They have a very talented receiving corp, especially when it comes to vertically stretching the field.

The Giants have the 19th overall pick in the draft and are projected to take Desmond Trufant. A very solid cornerback from Washington, Trufant can do it all. He will be able to line up wherever they need him; inside, outside, covering the slot or a traditional receiver. He not only has the talent to eventually become a starter, but he can add depth and start in the nickel package immediately. Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin have shown their ability to make great personnel decisions in the few years they have spent together. Reese said that the team was not far off from being a contender again, and he's right, but he was also right when he said the team will likely have a new look. Even though giant fans may not see all the faces their used to on the field, they won't mind at all as long as it adds up to winning.

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