Frozen Humor OOPS!!

I love reading about people's mistakes. Please enjoy, vote and comment on this newest Frozen Humor.


Astronomers using the radio telescope at Parkes Observatory in Australia thought they had important evidence of alien life when the picked up a distinctive radio signal at 2.3 to 2.4 gigahertz every evening about suppertime. The later discovered that the signal was coming from the microwave oven downstairs.


Robert Redford was making a movie in New Mexico and a lady who encountered him in an ice cream parlor between takes was determined to stay cool. She pretended to ignore the presence of the movie star but after leaving the shop, she realized that she did not have the ice cream cone she'd bought and paid for. She returned to the shop to ask for her ice cream cone and overhearing, Redford said "Madame, you'll probably find it where you put it, in you purse."


As a public service to taxpayers, the IRS provides a free tax information service by pone. All one has to do is call the 800 number listed in the local directory and you can get your tax questions answered. However, in Portland, Oregon, taxpayers got a different type of service. When the phone was answered, callers heard a sultry voice breathing "Hi sexy". The embarrassed IRS later explained that the Portland directory had misprinted the number. Instead of the IRS, the callers were reaching Phone Phantasies.


A group of Russian counterfeiters produced a near perfect run of bogus 50,000 ruble bank notes. Once they went into general circulation, officials agreed that it was an excellent job and the bills appeared to be genuine currency, however, what gave them away was that they misspelled "Russia."


In 1990 a family in Sussex, England, received what they believed was a gift package of herbs from Australian relatives. They stirred the contents into a pudding, ate half of it and put the remainder in the fridge. Soon thereafter, a member of the family relates, "We heard from our aunt that our Uncle had died and had we received his ashes for burial in Britain." The shocked family realized that they ate their uncle's remains and went to the local Vicar to have the leftovers blessed.


A man in 1976 made the most unsuccessful hijack attempt ever. On a flight across America, he rose from his seat, drew a gun and took the stewardess hostage. "Take me to Detroit," the man said.

"We're already going to Detroit," she replied

"Oh...good," he said, and then sat down again.


Washington- "The Grand Canyon has been misplaced by the post office. A newly printed batch of 100 million 6-cent international stamps carry a picture of the canyon, and on the bottom of each stamp, the word "Grand Canyon, Colorado" are written. The Grand Canyon in fact, is actually located in Arizona.


Each evening, a birdlover who I shall call Neil Smith stood in his backyard in Devon, England, hooting like an owl and one night, an owl called back to him. For a year, the man and his feathered friend hooted back and forth, Smith even kept a log of their "Conversations." Just as Smith thought he was on the verge of a breakthrough in interspecies communication, his wife had a chat with next-door neighbor who I shall call Wendy Horn. "My husband spends his night in the garden calling out to owls" Said Mrs. Smith. "That's odd," Mrs. Horn replied. "So does my Fred."

And then it dawned on them.


Birchington, England- A 31 year old woman had to be rescued by firemen and the police after getting stuck in a dog flap. She and a friend were coming back from a late-night party and stopped at a friend's house where the pair were supposed to be dog-sitting. After discovering that the house keys were lost, she attempted to get in the house via the dog flap. She managed to squeezed the top half of her body through the opening, but here bottom half proved to be more tricky. According to Officer Dave Coker, "We tried pushing her backside and pulling her by the thighs but we couldn't budge her. In the end we had to take out the complete plastic frame and cut her free." After the rescue, the woman explained that she was desperate to get into the house because the dogs inside were barking loudly.


Mishawaka, Indiana, An Indiana couple should seriously consider hiring professional movers next time. The couple who I will call Marsha and Niles Hunt, threw their futon mattress out the window and it fell between two buildings. Niles lowered Marsha down on a rope to try to get the futon, but she became wedged in the 16 inch gap between the walls. Hunt had to be rescued by a fire crew after she spent half and hour jammed 20 feet off the ground. The rescuers also managed to save the futon.

Hope you enjoyed it and again, please vote and comment, they help give me an idea of how many people read my fanposts.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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