New York Giants' news, 3/30: Pat White works out for Giants

Tim Hightower - Paul Frederiksen-US PRESSWIRE

Some Giants News and Notes--and an interesting discussion point for a slow news day.

The first note today is that former Miami Dolphins second-round pick Pat White is working out for the New York Giants. I agree completely with Ralph Vacchiano's take

He’s obviously not a threat to Eli Manning or even backup David Carr, but having a third-string quarterback who can run the read-option for the scout team couldn’t hurt in the NFC East, where the Redskins and Eagles will likely run similar offenses this year.

Another Brian Urlacher story, but this is one you can gamble on, the Giants are 5-2 odds on signing Brian Urlacher, the Ravens are 9:4 and the Vikings are 6:1. My take is that who really cares? Urlacher was a hall of fame player for the Chicago Bears, but he's now an older run and chase linebacker who can't really run that well and wants a lot of money. I'm not going to quote made up anonymous sources here and pass it off as legitimate inside information, but I'd be more willing to bet 2:1 odds in Vegas favor that the Giants don't have any real interest in signing Urlacher, but stranger things have happened.

Former Cardinals and Redskins running back Tim Hightower will meet with the Giants. This is a story that has some legs to it. Hightower has always been a guy who could consistently get the tough yardage, we all hope that Andre Brown is that guy, but that's Hightower's bread and butter, he's also lauded as a guy who does all of the little things right. Now he has battled injuries, but there's a difference between a guy getting paid like Bradshaw to carry the load always battling injuries, and a guy who's probably going to be signed for the veteran minimum and be asked to play special teams and get a few short yardage carries. plays a little fact/fiction, hitting four topics:

1) The Giants starting right tackle is on the roster right now.

2) The Giants will bring in a veteran running back to bolster the rotation.

3) There is a higher probability that the Giants select an offensive linemen than a defensive linemen in the first round of the 2013 NFL draft.

4) The 1984 Giants draft class was better than 2007.

My answers

1. Fact. The starting right tackle the first game of the season is on the roster right now. Even though I've maintained all along that D.J. Fluker is well regarded by NFL teams and is a possibility for the Giants at 19, I think it's more likely that the Giants will start the season with the winner of Brewer/Mosley/And He Who Shall Not Be Named

2. Fact. I mean any veteran running back they could sign from now until the draft counts and I expect them to add another one at the very least for a camp body if not more. I haven't ruled out Bradshaw returning yet either though I think that's more of my own desire to have him as a third down back than anything the Giants are actually thinking.

3. Fiction. This one was tough for me. I'm going fiction though because I think there are three realistic possibilities at #19 for the Giants, Johnathan Cooper, Chance Warmack, and D.J. Fluker whereas I can see a high number of potential defensive linemen that could be available and options. Sheldon Richardson, Tank Carradine, Bjeorn Werner, Datone Jones, Damonte Moore, Jesse Williams, and Jonathan Hankins.

4. Fact. 2007 was a nice draft class, but 1984 was better (though it helps there was a million rounds back then). Carl Banks is the best player in either class, and drafting a superbowl winning quarterback (Hostetler) means more than having a good player like Bradshaw who was key to a couple of Super Bowl runs.

To those traveling this weekend be safe and Happy Easter!

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