2013 NFL Free Agency: Catching up with the NFC East teams

James Casey - Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

When it comes to 2013 NFL Free Agency the Philadelphia Eagles are making the most noise of any NFC East team.

With 2013 NFL Free Agency steaming ahead, and the New York Giants -- as usual -- taking it slow and steady without doing anything splashy, let's take a look around at what the other NFC East teams have done thus far.

Philadelphia Eagles

The 'Dream Team' is dead, with players from that version of the Eagles not named Michael Vick banished to all corners of the NFL globe, and its coach now with the Kansas City Chiefs. What do we call this new version of the Eagles, led by coach Chip Kelly and seemingly skirt-chasing every player currently on the open market? Maybe 'The Chip-pendales?'

Anyway, the new-look Eagles sure have been busy. Out with the old -- Cullen Jenkins (thank you very much, by the way!), Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, King Dunlap. In with the new -- Patrick Chung, Bradley Fletcher, James Casey, Isaac Sopoaga, Jason Phillips, Dennis Dixon.

The Eagles aren't done. They have had meetings with, and are scheduled to have meetings with, several other free agents. There are whispers that safety Kenny Phillips might be on their radar, though nothing official. Of course, everyone else is on their radar so why not KP?

[See Bleeding Green Nation for more on the Eagles]

Dallas Cowboys

Things are very quiet around the Cowboys. They released defensive end Marcus Spears, and their were reports that they were considering a run at linebacker Chase Blackburn. The Cowboys, though, are largely sitting on the sidelines thus far. Dallas is another team that is thought of as a possible Phillips suitor.

[See Blogging The Boys for more on the Cowboys]

Washington Redskins

Even stranger than the silence by the Cowboys is the lack of activity from the Redskins. Only the government seems to be doing less these days than the Redskins, whose big move thus far has been to re-sign punter Sav Rocca. That might actually be a good thing for Washington which, for years, has tried to win the off-season without winning much else. Could Daniel Snyder finally have learned something?

The Redskins are apparently signing former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive tackle Jeremy Trueblood.

[See Hogs Haven for more on the Redskins]

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