Dont Laugh.... Its my mock 1st round.

Because I had a half hour to kill and after I got the "trade" over with, it went rather smoothly. So I took MTD's top 100 players and fitted them for a mock first round. Sorry, I am not Invictus or even ct17... I do not have crazy insight but what I do have is, "amazing first impressions... "So spoiler, My big shocking thing I can see happening is this Arizona, yes Arizona, trades with Kansas City for their first and a third rounder... So they can get... wait for it......

You can ridicule all you want in the comments.

Pick Team Player Reason
1 Arizona (trade w/ KC) Matt Barkley Because its Arizona and they want a non mobile QB
2 Jacksonville Luke Joeckel They need the help
3 Oakland Sheldon Richardson jonesing after not having Richard Seymore
4 Philadelphia Dion Jordan Everybody and their mother can see this happening
5 Detroit Barevious Mingo They got their DL, next up the LBZZZZzzzzzzz
6 Cleveland Chance Warmack New managent gives grandpa weedon one year to show the goods
7 Kansas City (trade) Tavon Austin Cause Andy Ried is now the coach.. And this is they type of thing he does.
8 Buffalo Star Lotulelie because they were scared to take Geno Smith
9 New York Jets Dee Milliner The thought of loosing Revis ensures this pick
10 Tennessee Geno Smith because they didn’t learn their lesson with Vince Young
11 San Diego Sharrif Floyd they lucked into Floyd
12 Miami Eric Fisher With the rebuild project under way and Long out the door.. No brainer
13 Tampa Bay Bjoern Werner They lost out with Talib, they are gonna try again
14 Carolina Ezekiel Anasah Because Gettleman knows what he is doing
15 New Orleans DJ Fluker NO cant believe Fluker dropped to them
16 St. Louis Cornelius Carradine Desperately need DL help.. And they have another pick in T- Minus…
17 Pittsburgh Arthur Brown Harrison is gone.. Looking for next big thing.. Only this time they are drafting him
18 Dallas Kenny Vaccaro because they are the cowboys… good pick up, but anything at this time is good
19 New York Giants Xavier Rhodes. Because we are awesome.
20 Chicago Alec Ogletree time to groom replcements. (going to mend OL in FA)
21 Cincinnati Damontre Moore Got offense locked up, time to draft DL
22 St. Louis (from Washington) DeAndre Hopkins It’s the rams and they had 2 first round picks… and the Vikes pick next
23 Minnesota Keenan Allen Really mad Hopkins is gone, actually get "Buccaneered" unlike the giants last year
24 Indianapolis Jonathan Cooper Time to keep Luck, upright and lucky
25 Seattle Eddie Lacy I debated this… and I just feel this is the pick
26 Green Bay Lane Johnson My one and only eh pick.
27 Houston Cordarrelle Patterson Another WR off the board
28 Denver Johnathan Hankins They got a Manning, why focus on anything other than DL
29 New England Jarvis Jones Typical BB pick. Jones has just been medically cleared.
30 Atlanta Tyler Eifert This is a Typical need pick and I don’t believe the falcons are smart enough to not do it.
31 San Francisco Jesse Williams They got pretty good team… they just made it a little bit better
32 Baltimore Monti Te'o I just feel bad for Te'o…. Even more so if he gets drafted by the Ravens… but they torture him further by drafting him.

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