12/6 NYG Mock Draft (First 3 Rounds)

Just the first 3 rounds for now (will expand in the future)

My mock is based off the current draft order

14th pick: Justin Gilbert - Cornerback (Oklahoma State)

Gilbert checks in as a very athletic 6'0" 200 pound cornerback. Gilbert is quick enough stay with the burner WRs and big and strong enough to battle the big receivers. Basically, Gilbert can face the full range of WRs he will face in the NFL. Gilbert has fantastic ball skills and is a big threat once he gets the ball in hands, so naturally he offers a lot on special teams as well. There was never any question about Gilbert's athleticism or ball skills, however entering the 2013 season there were clear issues with his technique and judgment. Gilbert had a tendency to forgo technique and purely rely on his athleticism. In particular, Gilbert's footwork (backpedal, especially) and stance are two problem areas.

Gilbert can get away with a lot, which is a true testament to his athleticism, but in the NFL, you do not want to put yourself behind the 8 ball since everyone else is just as athletic as you. The good news is that the lax technique shown by Gilbert in 2012 has been greatly improved in 2013. His back pedals have been smoother and you see less of the upright stance that plagued him in '12. A choppy backpedal and an upright stance causes a CB to lose valuable steps versus a WR and prevents Gilbert from changing direction as quickly as he is capable of. To see a big improvement in this aspect of Gilbert's game from '12 to '13 means he has to be working hard on his technique and that alone is enough for me to salivate over grabbing him at #14 overall.

Correct technique will allow Gilbert to use his athleticism and speed to track the WR and the football, jump routes and be the ball hawk he is capable of being. I still have doubts about the future of the Giants CB corps after Prince, so finding a CB is important to me. I can even see Gilbert eventually being the #1 guy over Prince a few years down the line. Solid BPA value at 14 and addresses a need for the defense vs. the pass happy NFL.

45th pick: David Yankey - Guard (Stanford)

I originally had Gabe Jackson, the guard from MSU, slotted here but decided to go a different direction for one reason: size. While both are enormous men, Yankey is a bit lighter, a bit faster and a bit more athletic at 6'5" 310 pounds (vs. Jackson's 6'4" 335 pounds). The reason I want this from the Giants' future left or right guard is to add the screen play back in the playbook. In my opinion, a Yankey/Pugh combo on the right side would be able to do just that.

Yankey is quick, smooth and technically sound. I expect him to be as pro-ready as Justin Pugh was in his rookie year, which is exactly what the Giants need. Yankey has played every position, except Center, at Stanford and that includes an outstanding 2012 season as the Left Tackle.

Yankey projects as a plus run blocker and reliable pass protector, which is an obvious major upgrade for the Giants at either guard position.

76th pick: Donte Moncrief - Wide Receiver (Ole Miss)

This would be a classic Jerry Reese value pick, where he catches a falling star. The 2014 draft class is DEEP at WR with tons of athletic studs with crazy upside, so a very good WR or two will drop to the 3rd round (just a matter of which ones). If the Giants grab Moncrief, we should all personally thank Ole Miss for giving him such shoddy QB play over his time there. Checking in a 6'3" and 230 pounds, Moncrief combines his size with a great blend of speed (4.49 40) and athleticism. As mentioned before, Moncrief has put together an outstanding career with bad QBs against SEC competition.

Moncrief uses his size and strength to his advantage. He gets physical with corners and doesn't like when they try to jam him at the line. He is impressive at getting separation off the line of scrimmage. Moncrief has no qualms with going across the middle, matching a catch and taking a shot. Moncrief has good body control and leaping ability - he has strong field awareness and has a rebounding mentality when going up for the ball. As is needed to be a truly successful leaper at the WR position, Moncrief also can track the football well.

Moncrief is not Calvin Johnson, however! There are flaws here and that's why I see it possible for him to drop to the 3rd round. Moncrief needs some work with his hands - he doesn't use them to match his size always. He is fast, but he's not a superior speed guy so there's little chance he's going to be able to burn defenses that way. Moncrief isn't always consistently a vertical threat. He's still learning as a blocker, as well.

Moncrief won't necessarily WOW anyone with one aspect of his game but he's extremely well rounded and has left very few holes in his game. This potential GM will only drop because he is facing constant double teams with a bad QB in the SEC. The Giants find great replacement for Hakeem Nicks.

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