The case to retain Kevin Gilbride

This post is written purely as a fly in the ointment, to bring up some points perhaps overlooked by some of us in our rush to see Kevin Glibride given his walking papers. Please keep the emotions down, and don't flame me, I am not advocating this, I think he should be fired as well... just making some counterpoints.

Here it goes.

For those of you who maintain KG is, and has always been a lousy OC, you can skip the rest of this post, there would be nothing left to discuss, but if I start with the assumption that KG has been an effective coordinator, and has been able to contribute to a prolific offense and the 2 superbowl victories, then we have somewhere to start.

The biggest indictments against KG THIS year are his lack of adjustments to the OL talent by adjusting the scheme, and his poor use of players/choice of players.

1) Use of players. The argument for retaining KG here is that it may not have been his choice in which players to use and highlight. The stubbornness in keeping David Diehl on the field, and other lineman off it, his lack of use of JJ12, and his chosen plays for David Wilson may or may not have been KG's choice. It is just as easy to believe that TC lays down the structure and who he wants on the field, and KG has to work within those parameters. Unless we are privy to how the game plan is constructed week by week it is really hard to make this call. Personally, I think a large part of this responsibility falls on the head coach, but that is just my guess. Nothing more.

2) Lack of adjustment. This one is much easier to lay the blame on KG, but perhaps the blame has gone overboard. Anyone with an open mind could not argue that KG is incapable of change or adjustment. Over his tenure we have changed our offense considerably from the Steve Smith/Shockey days along with Earth, Wind, and Fire, to the pass happy Nicks-Manningham-Cruz days with no running game. We used to run screens with Tiki, slants with Toomer, etc etc. So the criticism of KG can NOT be his inability to change, but his fault in not doing so quick enough this year.

My response to that is that it is ALWAYS easier to see other's faults from the outside. It is very easy to get caught up with what you believe has worked in the past and be slow to change. The fact that he did make adjustments inconsistently in the 2nd half of the year is what is kind of confusing. But also, look at the plays he called for JJ12 the last 3 weeks. He clearly knows how to use players. Why is he not doing that earlier? That is a good question. And in this regard, I again have to fault TC. It is the head coach's job to see the bigger picture. If someone is not doing their job, push them in the right direction. I don't think there was enough self-analysis during the year, and that is not on the coordinator in my mind.

3) The future.

To me, the most important thing is who will be most successful in the future. I think the problems are well understood now. KG has actually shown signs of creativity in the past, and even this year. I can definitely see, from a managers point of view, that if you create the proper environment for KG once again, he can succeed with this team and with these players, and I would be that is what TC is going to say. "we were slow to adjust this year, but now that we have been given a new chart for the future, we are the ones, and KG too, who knows how to take us there."

4) The redzone offense.

This one has been a thorn in the Giants side throughout the entire TC regime. Scheme? Perhaps. Lack of a power running game? Hmm, now yes, but not so in the past. Players? Perhaps. We have never had the one guy you can count on to find the red zone. Not in the running game consistently, and certainly not in the passing game. This one is beyond me. But certainly if it was not enough to fire the guy in the past, I am not sure it would be alone for now. Still, if I was a Mara, I would want a better answer to this question.

Again, the question in management's mind is not did KG do a bad job this year? We all know he did. And they really don't make decisions to satisfy the blood-thirsty fans... they believe in deliberate thought out responses. Can KG be successful next year or not? It might not be as unreasonable as you think to answer that he can.

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