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Over the last few days I've had some spare time, and after reading Invictus plan on how to fix the Giants i started doing some research of my own. Using stats and info from Pro Football Focus (PFF, subscription required),, and, I've compiled a list of Free Agents i think the New York Giants will be targeting. Obviously id love for us to sign Greg Hardy, Jimmy Grahm, and every other elite talent that will be on the market, but we all know thats not the Giant way. We dont throw huge contracts at big name players, JR and the front office digs for deals. And while none of us want a repeat of the David Bass signing again, we will continue to find talent that other clubs have undervalued.

The list is made up of 5 categories, 2013 PFF ratings with NFL Ranking, 2012 PFF ratings with NFL Ranking, Age, 2013 Cap Hit, and Size. What we're looking for is simple:

-Players under 30

-with positive PFF grades over the last 2 seasons and/or trending upward

-desired measurable's for the position

-a low 2013 Cap hit to use as a baseline to estimate future contracts

Our positions of need going into the offseason are OL,CB,DE, and LB. O yea and OL. I know WR and RB are also needs but i believe we use the draft to address them. I did leave out most of the big name free agents because they're almost gauranteed to price themselves out of our range, so dont expect to see Brandon Albert, Brian Orakpo, Aquib Talib, etc, we're trying to find value without breaking the bank. I haven't taken in systematic fit into the equation so id love to hear your ideas of who on this list you do and dont like.

Name Position

2013 PFF Rating-

NFL Rank

2012 PFF Rating-

NFL Rank

Age 2013 Cap Hit Size
Zach Strief RT 23.7- #7 OT -1.4- #48 OT 30 $2.58 6'7'' 320
Jon Asamoah RG 7.9- #22 OG 15.0- #10 OG 25 $1.50 6'4'' 305
Evan Deitrich-Smith OC 9.2- #11 OC 0.3- #39 OG 27 $1.30 6'2'' 308
Brian De La Puente OC 2.4- #17 OC 23.0- #2 OC 28 $2.02 6'3'' 306
Shelley Smith LG/RG 9.3- #20 OG -5.5- #56 OG 26 $575,000 6'4'' 312
Matt Slauson LG 17.9- #5 OG 2.5- #31 OG 27 $815,000 6'5'' 315
Brandon Spikes ILB 11.7- #6 ILB 10.7- #9 ILB 26 $870,000 6'2'' 255
Dominique Rogers -Cromartie CB 12.4- #5 CB -7.1- #98 CB 27 $2.90 6'2'' 182
Tarell Brown CB 3.5- #35 CB 10.5- #13 CB 28 $1.90 5'10'' 190
Vontae Davis CB 15.4- #3 CB -3.1- #74 CB 25 $1.80 5'11'' 203
Corey Graham CB 5.2- #28 CB 1.2- #49 CB 28 $2.65 5'11'' 195
Sam Shields CB 0.1- #56 CB 10.3- #15 CB 26 $2.02 5'11'' 184
Alterraun Verner CB 9.9- #10 CB 7.1- #24 CB 25 $1.45 5'10'' 189
Captain Munnerlyn CB 11.3- #7 CB 0.3- #54 CB 25 $1.10 5'8'' 186
Chris Cook CB -6.6- #88 CB -0.2- #58 CB 26 $1.30 6'2'' 212
Brandon Browner CB 2.8- #38 CB 7.6- #22 CB 29 $773,000 6'3'' 221
Nolan Carroll CB 0.9- #51 CB -2.1- #57 CB 26 $679,000 5'11'' 204
Zackary Bowman CB 2.8- #38 CB - 29 $620,000 6'1'' 197
Walter Thurmond CB 5.0- #31 CB - 26 $607,000 5'11'' 183
Chris Harris(RFA) CB 9.8- #11 CB 18.4- #5 CB 24 $555,000 5'10'' 190
Will Blackmon CB 6.4- #24 CB - 29 $555,000 6'0'' 198
Robert McClain CB -1.3- #63 CB 10.6- #12 CB 25 $555,000 5'9'' 194
Willie Young DE 7.6- #15 CB -6.4- #47 DE 28 $1.50 6'4'' 251
Everson Griffen DE 3.8- #21 CB -0.5- #36 DE 26 $765,000

6'3'' 273

Now with all this information, if i we're the GM i would sign Jon Asamoah and Matt Slauson/ Evan Deitrich-Smith. All have been pretty consistent in their pass and run blocking (i have the more in depth stats available just ask), young, and aren't making tons of money now. With some payroll maneuvering (cuts, restructures, etc.) we can afford to give both 4 year deals worth around $20 million or so. Adding any of those guys would be an upgrade, but adding 2 would solidify the interior and keep Eli on his feet instead of his ass.

I would also attempt to sign Chris Harris from the Broncos. He's got prototypical size for the position and has ranked in the Top 11 in the CB rankings the past 2 years while playing more than 1,000 snaps each of those 2 seasons and still not even in his prime yet. I know normally teams dont go after RFA's because they would have to give the original team the pick the player was selected, for example if Player X is an RFA that was originally drafted in round 3, then the team signing him to an offer sheet has to give the original team a 3rd round pick if that original team declines to match the contract. The good thing about Harris is that he was an UDFA and his cap hit this year is $555,000. If not Harris, then i would prefer Verner, Brown, or Thurmond in that order. I'd love Vontae Davis or DRC but ii think with their play this year, they'll be in line for something bigger than we can give them.

Lemme know what you guys think.

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