Bryan's Mock Draft v3.0!

Well, since the last time I did this the Giants have completely collapsed and are now trying - and failing - to play spoiler. Here is the link to the last one I did so you can compare if you'd like. Ironically, the Giants have not seen a significant drop in their draft order. Right now they are slated to pick 11th. Let's get down to it.

Round 1 - 11th Pick: Kahlil Mack, OLB Buffalo

While CJ Moseley might be more polished and ready now, there is no denying that Mack is the most explosive OLB of the bunch. Mack now owns the NCAA career records for both forced fumbles and tackles for loss. Most importantly, Mack this year has 3 interceptions; returning two of those picks for touchdowns. While his pass coverage is a step behind his rushing ability, the fact that he has made significant gains in this respect should not be overlooked. The NY Giants have not drafted a 1st round linebacker since the 80's (thanks for that tidbit ESPN!) and should make their highest priority come the draft.
Others to look at: CJ Moseley, ILB Alabama, Justin Gilbert, CB Oklahoma State

Round 2 - Jason Verrett, DB TCU

Jason Verrett does not have the size of the best corners in the league. He is 5-10 and 176 pounds. What he does have is the speed and tenacity to play the corner position better than most players. Against Baylor's top receiver Antwan Goodley, Verrett allowed all of one reception for 12 yards. Most importantly, TCU plays primarily a zone/press coverage scheme. The Giants have been getting butchered this year when trying to play zone coverage. On the year, Verrett has 64 tackles, 6 interceptions and 16 passes defensed. If he were given the body size of any other corner he would be a top half of the first round selection. Instead, he will be our gain here in the 2nd.
Others to look at: Christian Jones, LB FSU, Bryan Stork, C FSU, David Yankey, OG Stanford

Round 3 - Anthony Steen, OG Alabama

This is based solely on hope that teams back away due to Steen's injury. Steen is undergoing surgery on his shoulder and will miss Alabama's bowl game. Steen is a second round talent. He is an all-SEC guard and has held his own the last three years for Bama against the biggest of uglies in the trenches.With Pugh looking more than serviceable at RT and not needing moving, then replacing Diehl via the draft is the next best bet. Steen should be able to come in and start immediately,
Others to look at: Bradley Roby, DB OSU, Brandon Coleman, WR Rutgers, Donte Moncrief, WR Ole Miss

Round 4 - Yawin Smallwood, ILB UCONN

A solid, yet unspectacular ILB from UConn. Was recently named their defensive player of the year. Had 4 sacks and 1 pick to go with over 100 tackles. The Giants linebacking corps is a mess. While Beason has solidified the position somewhat, the Giants need to keep their eyes open for someone, anyone, to come and take over. Smallwood is a technically sound player who has shown the ability to rush the passer and play serviceable in pass defense.
Others to look at: Andre Williams, RB Boston College, Colt Lyerla, TE Oregon

Round 5 - James White - RB Wisconsin

David Wilson has not experienced a ton of success for the Giants. He has not shown a good ability to block for the QB and still suffers from fumbleitis. James White, while small, went to the Wisconsin school of running. They learn to run hard through the tackles, sometimes over people, and NOT DROP THE BALL. He should be able to come in and at least take the 3rd down duties if need be given his ability to both catch and block.

Round 6 - Kevin Norwood - WR Alabama

At 6-1, Norwood has the size to be able to step in and replace Randle (considering Randle will be replacing Nicks). While I hope Jernigan is given a shot at the slot position, a player like Norwood who runs good routes and is physical would be great to have for red zone plays.

Round 7 - Traded to Carolina (I think?)

Well there you have it. Let me know how you think this looks.

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