Why we suck, Reason #1 out of 1 - The Offense.

Disclaimer, you wont like what you see below.

I have maintained that defense is not the reason why we are 0-5 five. That was with the eyeball test. So I wanted to see just how off I was. I went through all the game recaps for the games we played... Here are the results.

Recap of the offense

Total Number of Drives through week 5 - 65 (fairly respectable average, about 13 per game)

Total number of "3 and outs" - 22 (that is 34% of our total drives go 3 and out, that is pretty horrid but the best of the rest I am about to share with you)

Total number number of Turnovers - 24. Why so high??? I included T/O on downs and missed Field Goals.

Total number of Punts - 30 (actually not all that great considering 2 have been returned for TDs)

Total number of Drives lasting over 2 min - 22. That number is awful (even more-so when you realize 7 came during the bronco's game) ((also there are 4-5 drives included that last 2 min and under 10 seconds) That is 33% of all our drives dont even last over 2 min.

Here is where things get really rough.

Opposing teams have had a collective 62 drives against us. Our offense has given opposing teams starting position on the Giants side of the field (this does not include opponents 45, of which there are another 3-4) 13 of those 62 times... Thats 20% of the time the opposition starts out on our side. This also does not include pick 6's or fumble returns for TDs, which for the record is 2 times (14 points)

of those 13 times

the defense has given up 6 TDs (46%) 3 FG (23%) and forced 2 punts and forced two turnovers. Yeah, thanks Offense, looking at the percentages, that is a 70% chance a team will score when our offense spots them on our side of the field. That is pretty understandable considering the offense is or will need 10-15 yards for at least a FG.

What do the other 49 drives look like???

11 TDs (22%) 5 FGs (10%) 21 punts and 6 Turnovers. It jumps way down to 33% chance the opponent will score when forced to march down the field (the unspoken stat?? this includes drives that start at the opponents 40-midfield) Take those away and you are looking at defense that wont let you score ever.

Average it out.

Without the Offense spotting the other team excellent field position the defense allows 18.4 Points per game.

Add in what the offense does and its up to 28.6 points per game.

Factor in the TDs when the defense wasnt even on the field and now the on paper we give up 34.2 points per game.

Yes, the defense is average, but once again, they are not even close to the reason why we are 0-5.

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