Bryan's first ever Mock Draft!

So I have never done a legit mock draft before. Thought I would give this a try. A few caveats to go with this. First, the Giants have been playing a lot better recently. I do not believe the record is indicative of the talent level. I am expecting the Giants to finish with around a 10-12 pick and not a 1-5 or 5-9 pick. Second, I am not sure what pick the Giants gave up for Beason. I have seen a number of people say the 5th round so I am not going to mock select 1-4 and 6-7. Aside from that, please enjoy. Note that these are only my thoughts and my thoughts alone. Feel free to critique however you like.

Round 1 Pick 10: Anthony Barr, LB UCLA
With J Williams looking more and more like an every down LB and one of the better cover LB's in the league, the Giants need to find their rushing LB of the future. Barr is a freak. At 6-1 and 225 pounds of muscle, Barr is the type of LB who will wreak havoc behind the line of scrimmage. Last year he had 13.5 sacks and 21.5 TFL. This season has worked as a bit of a coming out party for the Senior as much of the US witnessed Barr sack Oregon's Mariotta twice this past weekend while also recovering a fumble.
Cons: Barr has seen a meteoric rise in his draft stock this year. He is now a legitimate top 10 selection and may not be available for the Giants here. He also played the 3-4 in college and teams like the Giants could be turned off due to their usage of a 4-3.
Other potential picks: CJ Mosley, LB Alabama, Khalil Mack, LB Buffalo, Tyler Lewan, OT Michigan

Round 2 Pick 42: Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE Washington
Austin's stock drop will be the Giants gain. Another former basketball player turned TE. Austin set all the TE records in Washington in only two years. This year Austin has not been anywhere near as prevalent due to teams bracketing him more. He is still one of the most dangerous TE's in the league and will make a team very happy if he decides to come out after this season. The Giants need a big play TE since Myers has been less than stellar and Robinson cannot get healthy.
Cons: Could end up staying at Washington for his senior year. Has a DUI on his record and some other character flaws that could end up turning teams off. Has a tendency to disappear when playing against the better teams. Could use some work blocking although some scouts have noted that from last year, he has made significant progress.
Other potential picks: Brandon Coleman, WR Rutgers, Aaron Colvin, CB Oklahoma, Seantrel Henderson, OT Miami

Round 3 Pick 74: Hroniss Grasu, C Oregon
The David Baas experience in New York has not been a pleasurable one. Baas has perpetually played hurt and should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Grasu would go a long way in fixing that problem. Grasu, not 2012 1st round pick Kyle Long was named the Ducks' best lineman in 2012. While not the strongest center in the draft, he has the best technique and footwork of the bunch. Helms one of the best rushing attacks in all of college football and helps keep one of the most proficient QB's in college football on his feet.
Cons: As stated earlier, not the strongest of the bunch. Uses his athleticism and technique to beat players. Therefore more susceptible strong bull rushes and power moves. The Pac-12 does not have the defensive fronts seen in the SEC or Big 10 therefore questions of how good the players he has gone up against persist.
Other potential picks: Yawin Smallwood, ILB UCONN, Damian Swann, CB Georgia, Josh Huff, WR Oregon

Round 4 pick 106: Trevor Reilly, DE Utah
Another pick in the vein of JPP. More athlete than pure DE. That said, Utah has sent five front-seven defenders to the NFL since 2009. More high-risk/high-reward than anything. Giants love these type of picks.
Cons: Not extremely quick and has had a rough first half of 2013. As said, high-risk/high-reward. Giants need help at DE and could use someone who can actually play well and not someone who needs a year or two of seasoning.
Other potential picks: James Reilly, DE Virginia Tech, Silas Reed, RB USC, Kareem Martin, DE UNC

Round 6: Charles Sawyer, DB Ole Miss
Very talented cover corner who has at points looked like a shutdown corner. Injury concerns have seen him not play up to potential this year and has seen his stock drop. Also plays FS for Ole Miss so could help out in the Giants 3 safety look.

Round 7: Michael Dyer, RB Louisville
You can never have enough talent at RB. Giants can attest to that as they have had to pick up players from the street twice this season.

I will try to update this as the year progresses. The draft is a work in progress until the day of. Players like Dyer I assume will move up from where they are by years end while some players like Sawyer could potentially drop.

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