Giants 15, Eagles 7: Post-game locker room reaction

Al Bello

Giants post-game reaction.

Here is some of the post-game reaction from the New York Giants' locker room following Sunday's 15-7 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin on the team's second straight victory:

"This is certainly a huge boost to their (player's) confidence."

Coughlin on the team's defense, which has not given up a touchdown in its last 10 quarters:

"Good to win, good to win in the division. Not always pretty, but nevertheless our defense played superbly. That's two games in a row that we've won. We played great defense, we really haven't given up a score. Lot to be said right now for the way we're playing on D."

Peyton Hillis, who carried 20 times for 70 yards:

"We got the win away in a tough environment in the division. That's all you can ask for."

Josh Brown, who kicked five field goals:

"This is a great day and a good thing for me personally. Later in the season we want to score touchdowns, but it's good to have a day like that and get my rhythm back," Brown said.

"A winning locker room is 10 times better than any of the losing locker rooms I've ever been in. Everybody's excited."

Justin Tuck credited defensive coordinator Perry Fewell with making some changes and taking the input of players to help a defense that has not allowed a touchdown in more than 10 quarters:

"We have simplified things. Perry Fewell and his staff have done a great job. Let the athletes be athletes. Guys are playing fast, guys are playing confident. This is a very confident defense right now."

Tuck spoke about the attitude in the locker room:

"When we were 0-6 you couldn't walk in that locker room and tell that we were 0-6. right now we're on a little win streak here, but we've gotta be humble and understand that we still have a long way to go."

Antrel Rolle spoke about what middle linebacker Jon Beason, acquired in a mid-season trade with the Carolina Panthers, has meant to the Giants:

"Beason has been phenomenal for this team. He's something that we needed. We needed a voice from that linebacker position, the middle linebacker position. We needed someone that's gonna stand his ground. We needed someone that's gonna get everyone lined up, make it real snappy, no BS'ing around, let's get it right.

"His play-making ability and his passion for the game is tremendous."

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