Giants 2014 Cap Outlook

Given the state of our Giants, I wanted to take a look ahead towards next year's salary cap situation and what we might do to free up some space. Here are some possible (and some obvious) moves that we can expect to happen come next off-season.

Current financial obligations for the 2014 New York Football Giants: $107,694,637

1. Chris Snee retires/cut. We save $7,250,000 on his cap number and carry a $4,500,000 dead money cap hit for 2014.

Savings of $7,250,000

2. Antrel Rolle restructures, guaranteeing his $7,000,000 base salary for 2014. The new contract would contain a $3,000,000 signing bonus with a $4,000,000 guaranteed contract split between 2014 and 2015. He is our defensive captain and I personally think we should keep him. This new contract would result in $5,500,000 cap hit for 2014 ($1,500,000 prorated bonus on top of the $2,000,000 prorated original bonus, plus the $2,000,000 in salary) and a $3,500,000 cap hit for 2015.

Savings of $3,750,000.

3. David Bass is cut, he is awful and injury prone, regardless of the high dead money cap hit. $1,125,000 cap savings for 2014, however if we designate this as one of our after June 1st cuts, we only carry a $3,225,000 dead cap money hit for 2014 and 2015.

Savings of $5,000,000

4. Mathias Kiwanuka should be cut, however his dead money cap hit is also huge. We would only save $1,800,000 and carry a $5,250,000 dead money cap hit. Kiwi just does not look useful anymore and I think they should cut him, however I have a gut feeling that out of all the guys mentioned here, he gets spared. The smart thing would be to cut him and also designate him as a June 1st cut.

If we cut Kiwi, savings of $4,425,000

5. Brandon Myers is cut, he is awful, $1,250,000 cap hit.

Savings of $3,250,000

If this is what the front office does (and I believe they should), our new cap number going into 2014 will be $84,019,637. Although we will be carrying a relatively huge dead money number, this leaves us with around $40,000,000 in cap room heading into next season. That number might be even higher if this is the year the mythical TV money actually affects the cap.

This would be by far the most amount of cap space The Giants have had in quite some time. We can certainly fill some of our many roster deficiencies (mainly the interior of the O-line, DE, and LB) while maybe even getting a top tier FA.

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