New York Giants' news, 10/12: Time to think about solutions

Jonathan Daniel

New York Giants' headlines for Saturday, 10/12.

The New York Giants play only twice in the next 30 days, giving them a chance to reassess the causes for their 0-6 start. Tom Coughlin is giving the team and coaching staff the weekend off to do just that.

"I asked them to do that, coaches included," Coughlin said. "Think. Get some rest, think about the situation we're in and how your part can be a part of the solution."

Coughlin offered some of his thoughts Friday on what the solutions are. Of course, identifying the problems and fixing them are two different things.

Antrel Rolle summed up the Giants' situation this way:

"There are no excuses. We're 0-6, we are an 0-6 team. We're not better than 0-6, we're not worse than 0-6. We are an 0-6 team. Until we go out there and prove that we're better and go out there and win some games, that's what we'll be," he said.

One day after his three-interception performance against the Chicago Bears, which raised his league-worst total to 15 for the season, Eli Manning said he will continue to be aggressive.

"I'm going to keep throwing. I'm going to keep trying to make good reads and throw the ball. I'm not going to get gun shy," he said.

Jon Beason played 63 snaps in his Giants' debut, making a team-high 12 tackles.

"I haven’t played that many snaps in a long time so it felt good just to be out there in the first," Beason said. "I’m very confident in who I am. I know what I can do, I know what I’ve done and you can always bank on that."

Running back Da'Rel Scott could be out a few weeks with a strained hamstring.

Center David Baas, who has missed the last three games with a neck injury, is hoping to return to the field vs. the Vikings, but hasn't yet been cleared by the team's medical staff.

Around the Inter-Google

Rolle rips 'bogus calls' during radio appearance.

Is Tom Coughlin on the hot seat? Here is another opinion.

Cornerback Terrell Thomas said "some don't care" when asked about his teammates' attitude toward being 0-6.

This little gem came out before Thursday's loss to the Bears, but it is still appropriate.

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