BBV 2012 Regular Season Pick'em WINNER

After a long wait, I have counted up the winners.

This should be a little more interesting than in years past because the results haven't been counted in 3 weeks. So let's do it in order before revealing the final results:

Week 15 Results: (Picks) (14)

11-5: daddyzander, long time listener, Troy O, wangstu13

10-6: brisulph, njgiant, sejo28

9-7: EJAAY, Giantstep, Invictus XI, j-man, Rorschach44

7-9: netsareboss, Willgfass

Standings at the End of Week 15:

149: Wangstu13

148: daddyzander

147: Troy O

141: Giantstep, sejo28

140: long time listener

139: J-man, Rorschach44

137: Willgfass, Brisulph, Invictus XI

131: njgiant

127: netsareboss, EJAAY

Week 16 Results: (Picks) (13)

13-3: brisulph, daddyzander, Invictus XI, Giantstep

12-4: netsareboss, sejo28,

11-5: EJAAY, j-man, Rorscach44, Troy O, wangstu13, Willgfass

10-6: long time listener

I would gather this was our best week as no one did worst than double digit right picks.

Standings at the End of Week 16:

161: daddyzander

160: Wangstu13

158: Troy O

154: Giantstep

153: sejo28

150: long time listener, J-man, Rorscach44, Brisulph, Invictus XI

148: Willgfass

139: netsareboss

138: EJAAY

njgiant did not post this or the following week. He stays at 131.

Week 17 Results: (Picks) (12)

13-3: j-man, wangstu13

12-4: netsareboss, Troy O

11-5: sejo28

10-6: daddyzander, Giantstep, Invictus XI, long time listener

8-8: EJAAY

7-9: brisulph, willgfass

R44 did not post this week, finishes with 150 (or 157 if we give him the lowest score)


As if there wasn't enough drama, I'll be going from last place to first place. Congrats to all who played, but there can only be ONE winner (except for that time there was a tie).

EJAAY: 146

netsareboss: 151

willgfass: 155

157: Brisulph

160: longtime listener, Invictus XI

163: J-man

164: Giantstep, sejo28

170: Troy O

171: Daddzander

and our winner is...... (drum role)


Wangstu 13 with 173!!!!

congrats man, you have won the adoration of all your fellow BBVers. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NEXT???

You picked better than everyone on ESPN except for Chris Mortensen (13 people). I can't find any other major news sites, so we'll just assume you are better than EVERYONE (except Chris Mortensen).

This is the second (!!!) year in a row Wangstu has won this. He's slacking though, he got 176 right last year

The rest of us bow down to you. Next year I'm copying your picks

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