BBV Community Thoughts..

First, I'd like to say to Ed, I know the site makeover last year that vastly changed the community on here as we know it, was not your fault. You created a great site, continue to do a great job writing, and I am genuinely happy for your achievements. You put a lot of sweat into getting this site going over the years, for peanuts much of the time i'm sure, so its nice to see a really good guy rewarded for all that.

My simple thoughts here though, without trying to sound all 'mutiny', is that while i can live with the problems of the new format redesign, I'm finding myself drifting elsewhere to look for more of a community feel again. Don't get me wrong, there are still some great regulars remaining, but so much just seems to have disappeared. Even when there are a number of responses to a post, it's just not that same feeling of 'our' place with the sense of camaraderie there used to be. Maybe it just takes time, and in a few years there will be other regulars and things will be better than ever.

But i was just wondering, if folks had any ideas on what we could do to kind of get things back while still letting ed and sb nation make their money with ads and whatever site improvements they want to make.

Part of me says this is futile, that you cant replicate what Ed, a classy, devoted one man operation, put together. In many ways, bbv might as well just been called Ed's Virtual Pub and Grill with all the great community it fostered. I guess we all somehow felt so much closer to it all.. LIke if we had a comment, when you spoke to Ed, you were speaking right to the boss, but one who was also approachable and likable, instead of now, where it feels he;s just one cog in a big corporate machine.

So maybe there is no way to recreate that now that Ed has to answer to corporate, but hey, lots of crazy smart dudes (and gals) have been part of bbv and i'm wondering if we could brainstorm some ideas to bring back that same tight feeling.

I know SBnation apparently cares about this as well since they tried messing with placement of fanposts etc, but again, they are a business and will simply do what is best for business. If it helped their bottom line to eliminate all community interaction, they'd do it in a minute and they'd have every right to since they own it all. And fwiw, i believe the new format and software SBnation is using does seem very rich and feature laden so maybe part of the answer would be to somehow make use of the very resource, sbnations programmers and software, that so many were all complaining about at the time

And for all i know, maybe they actually *were* in fact, happy to break up the community as it was back then, with the redesign, as many suggested, and things are going jsut as they planned.

I really dont know. What i do know is, if there was a way to make a last attempt at boldly creating a real community feel the way Ed built all those years, it would be great to see and would, i am sure, get lots of support from those on here, and maybe bring back many of those who left. Maybe the answer is super simple..a gatherin hub, a certain software feature, i dont know..I'm not smart enough in those ways to know, but there are a number of really smart members on here who could have some ideas at least.

So, any brainstorming ideas anyone?

(I'll also add a poll to see if I'm simply in a remaining tiny minority and should let it go or if there are others who would like to strengthen again the fan community flavor and presence on BBV.)

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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