My Incredibly Unqualified Take on Our FAs

Hey everybody I have been thinking a lot about our UFAs and RFAs and here is my incredibly unqualified take on it

Unrestricted Free Agents:

WR Ramses Barden- GONE; I always hoped he was going to be able to climb the depth chart and perform, and he had 1 great game against a weak secondary in the Panthers, but then killed us against the Eagles with a costly offensive pass interference and then was in Coughlin's doghouse

T Will Beatty- KEEP; you don't get quality LT every day and Beatty was one of the bright spots on this OLine

TE Travis Beckum- GONE; not sure if I can label him a bust, since I think he has always been mishandled by our offense

TE Martellus Bennet- KEEP; gotta keep the Black Unicorn; I love what he can do, and his personality is great for the team, and he is also acting as the only New York Giants cheer leader and trying to convince his brother to come play defensive end here

DT Rocky Bernard- GONE; Gramps

LB Chase Blackburn- KEEP; I think Chase should be kept for his special teams abilities, however I do not like seeing him trot out on the field as our MLB

G Kevin Boothe- KEEP; Versatility is nice for backups

QB David Carr- KEEP; While my father did say that we don't even know if he is any good since we never see him, I knocked on wood that we never have to see Carr get too many reps in a game, but he is one of the better backup QBs out there in the league

WR Domenik Hixon- KEEP; Hixon knows the system and most of the time is a reliable target, however I see Hixon as 4th string at best, since I believe in Rueban Randle

OL Sean Locklear- unsure; I really do not know enough about him to give an opinion

RB Kregg Lumpkin- GONE; Kregg the blumpkin Lumpkin is not in anyone's plans for the future

TE Bear Pascoe- unsure; This depends on JR's belief in the JPP of TEs, Adrien Robinson, personally I am hoping that Robinson will be good to go next season, but I would not object to resigning Pascoe

S Kenny Phillips- GONE; I don't want to pay the money he will be asking for for an injury-prone S, while we have a ballhawking S in Stevie Brown and depth in Will Hill

LB Keith Rivers- GONE; made of glass

DL Shaun Rogers- GONE; Gramps

RB Ryan Torain- GONE; unnecessary

CB Justin Tryon- GONE; While I still have a ton of respect for him for playing with a broken arm last season, he has been atrocious this year

K Lawrence Tynes- KEEP;

DE Osi Umenyiora- GONE; nice knowing you, the king of the strip sack

Restricted Free Agents:

WR Victor Cruz- GONE...JUST KIDDING, KEEP; Pay the man what he has earned, or he will kick our asses for another team

S Stevie Brown- KEEP; 8 interceptions, and I forget how many multi-pick games; I love this ballhawking centerfielder type S

RB Andre Brown- KEEP; I would love to have a three headed beast at RB next year with David Wilson starting, Ahmad Bradshaw coming in on third down, and Andre Brown coming in late in the game

In total I say we should resign 10 of the players, I'm unsure of 2 of them, and think we should not resign 10 of them.

I also think that there are a few players that should be cut, but I'm not sure how big the cap hits work out so I will not include that in this post.

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