2012 By The Numbers At Big Blue View

Six months ago, I posted the BBV user stats for the first 6 months of 2012. Today I'm back with the full-year stats. I review these stats regularly over on Blogging The Boys in an attempt to recognize individuals who've made significant contributions to the site, both in terms of quantity and quality.

As time permits, I do the same thing for some other sites. While I'm familiar with some of your members, I don't spend enough time on BBV to provide relevant/witty/snarky commentary on all the individual members and their contributions (or lack thereof) to the blog. So I'll leave it to you guys to make of these numbers what you will and provide the appropriate commentary.

This post is not about comparing our different sites, so I won't be comparing BBV vs BTB numbers in this post. But if you want to take a peek at the BTB numbers, you can do so by following this link. With that out of the way, here are the BBV stats for 2012.

  • In 2012, the BBV front page team brought you 2,238 different front-page entries. This total includes open threads, storystreams and transcripts in addition to regular posts. In total, that averages out to about 6.1 posts per day, with the bulk (1,740) authored by your fearless leader Ed Valentine.
  • 254 BBV members wrote a combined 587 FanPosts in 2012.
  • 102 BBV members posted a total of 237 Fanshots last year.
Front Page

You may not fully appreciate this, but puttng up 1,740 posts in a year is a heck of a lot.

2012 Front Page Writers
Ed Valentine 1,740
rraigrodski 218
Mike Farley 194
Kelsey O'Donnell
Jesse Bartoli
Sean Kerr
brisulph 2
Jim Schmiedeberg 1
Kyle Kramer 1
SB Nation News 8

Fan Posts

Here are all your fellow bloggers, neatly arranged in top 15 tables by number of FanPosts, number of recommendations and number of comments. has anybody here been slacking off?

2012 No. Of Fanposts
Just J 20
wangstu13 19
#56 4life 17
Max Schwager 16
Invictus XI / BBI 15
Willgfass 12
Gjennings85 11
Raptor22 10
Simms-McConkey 10
lueeluee 9
netsareboss 9
Jesse Bartolis 8
Nfpdawg 8
7 each: Pink Flamingo, Fernando47okc,
AFanDivided, BigBlueDeadHead
2012 FanPost Rec's Received
FanPosts Rec's
Invictus XI / BBI 15 139
Giantssincesix 5 51
nywins46 5 44
Max Schwager 16 42
arodgb 3 27
Simms-McConkey 10 24
Willgfass 12 23
tito (eight and oh) 1 23
netsareboss 9 20
ct17 5 20
LordKaT 1 17
Turner_The_Burner 1 17
wangstu13 19 15
Raptor22 10 15
dannymac56 1 15
2012 FanPost Comments Generated
FanPosts Comments
Invictus XI / BBI 15 1,974
arodgb 3 1,176
David Fucillo 1 748
Simms-McConkey 10 552
Middlesex 3 432
wangstu13 19 431
Willgfass 12 420
Dave Choate 2 382
Ualtar 5 315
Pink Flamingo 7 281
Gjennings85 11 266
Max Schwager 16 254
miketrout 1 244
netsareboss 9 232
lueeluee 9 215


The top 16 Fanshot contributors are listed below. None of them look like they're in immediate danger of incurring a throttle violation for posting too many Fanshots.

2012 No. Of Fanshots
Ed Valentine 41
nywins46 11
Willgfass 10
trueblue63 9
Rex Ryan 8
lueeluee 7
NYG_Slater 7
chomwom032 6
nywins42 6
Shaner021 5
EricVanZandt 4
Fester McDougal 4
Woogie526 4
BrooklynNets8 3
hopeforthefuture3 3
Ollie490 3

If you didn't find your name on this year's lists, there is one way to make sure you show up on next year's list: Write more.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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