New York Giants Mock Draft, Rounds 4-7

Jerry Reese gets one more shot at adding players to the Giants today - Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Jesse Bartolis offers up one final mock draft for 2013. This one is a look at who the Giants might consider taking in rounds 4-7 today.

I was kind enough to provide you guys with a second and third round mock draft between rounds one and two, but I do have some semblance of a life so you're only going to get New York Giants picks from rounds 4 through 7 today and not the full monty.

If you've been living under a rock and can only use the Internet to view this website only the Giants have selected offensive lineman Justin Pugh and defensive linemen Jonathan Hankins and Damontre Moore in the first three rounds

Generally speaking, the first three rounds are where teams expect to find starters in the NFL and rounds four through seven you get guys you hope can become starters, but are more looking for guys to hold down roster spots and do specific things for their rookie contracts. Since most of these guys aren't expected to do more than contribute on special teams their first year position absolutely does NOT matter -- grabbing a wide receiver who won't play much from round 6 is the same as grabbing a position of need that won't play much in round 6, so keep that in mind if the Giants go with a position that doesn't seem like a need.

However, saying that, there are about 20 players left who I have second- or third-round grades on, so there's a shot the Giants grab one of those guys -- most likely in round four.

One interesting approach I really consider if I'm the Giants is looking quarterback in round 4 or 5. These quarterbacks were not a great class, but only three have been taken and they are a premium position if there is a Tyler Bray available in the fifth round with his HUGE arm, I might grab him to take over for David Carr moving forward and to see if he can mature. If he does he has enough talent that you might get a second round pick for him in three years. And if you don't it's a fifth-round pick, so you live another day.

Round 4 - Phillip Thomas, S, Fresno State

The Giants need a good center-field prospect at safety and he's easily the best one available. I would have been comfortable, but not in love, with Thomas in the second round. Thomas has starter potential, though he has an injury history, and isn't a freak-athlete.

Other quality safety prospects available: Georgia's Baccari Rambo, Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson, and Syracuse's Shamarko Thomas

Round 5 - Kevin Reddick, LB, North Carolina

A guy who isn't a great athlete, but has measurables that are in line with many NFL starting middle linebackers (ran faster than Te'o). He was also a productive player for the Tar Heels. He has good instincts and can come down hill and be a thumper. He's not great in coverage, but that's what Jacquian Williams and Keith Rivers can be used for on third downs.

Round 6 - Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt

I highlighted some guys with a speed score over 100, which the last three running backs the Giants have drafted had, and Stacy was one of them. There are a lot of quality running backs left in the draft and wide receivers as well--I expect the Giants to come away with either at least one or the other and maybe both.

Round 7 - Josh Johnson, CB, Purdue

Johnson is a player who plays much better than his height/weight/speed indicates. And while that tends to be an anti-Giants pick I just wanted to highlight cornerback as a position to watch today.

Round 7 (compensatory pick) - MIchael Williams, TE, Alabama

He's still available and was in my original mock so I'll put him down here. Williams is an over-sized tight end (6-foot-6, 270 pounds) who has soft hands, or an undersized offensive lineman who can pose as a tight end. He is not an athlete, but with Brandon Myers and Adrien Robinson on the team the Giants might not feel like they need another athlete at the position. Williams is a good fit for the jumbo package the Giants run because he's an actually a threat to catch the ball, especially in the red-zone where that could come in handy.

Other prospects to watch

Colorado TE Nick Kasa. I'm not sure he'll be available in the fifth round, but that is a place the Giants could easily go without surprising.

The Giants want to improve their linebacker corps and Khaseem Greene is still available and could be a nice pick in the fourth round, if he's still available.

There are a number of wide receivers who are available. Quinton Patton is very well regarded and if available in round four could easily be the pick, though I don't think he'll make it very far into round four. Former Tennessee Vols WR Da'rick Rogers is not well regarded character wise, but is a first-round body, 10-cent head kind of guy who could be in play.

Illinois cornerback Terry Hawthorne has the height/weight/speed the Giants like and is probably in play in round four--though I prefer Thomas if he's there.

The Giants looked into athletic offensive lineman Vinston Painter and he could be in play as well.

Lots of intriguing options here on day three, the day Jerry Reese said the other day is the day that makes your team so be sure to stay here at BBV for all of our reactions.

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