2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper releases 'Grade A Draft'

Alec Ogletree - Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

In Mel Kiper's world world these would be the selections for the New York Giants in the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

When is a mock draft not a mock draft? When ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper says so, that's when. Kiper came out Wednesday with what he calls his 'Grade A Draft.' Why is it not a mock? Well, we're splitting hairs but in a traditional mock you try to figure out what teams will do. Here, Kiper goes three full rounds predicting what he would do if he was king of the NFL draft world (BTW, doesn't he already think he is?).

Anyway, here are his choices for the New York Giants in his 'Grade A Draft':

Round 1 (19th overall) -- Alec Ogletree, LB Georgia

Round 2 (49th overall) -- Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn

Round 3 (81st overall) -- Jordan Reed, TE, Florida

Kiper says:

I'm often reminded this draft season, as we're all pointing out the obvious personnel deficiencies the Giants have at linebacker: "Mel, the Giants NEVER draft linebackers in Round 1!" And that's true -- they haven't since Carl Banks in 1984. But for this, I'm the GM! So I like the value of Ogletree at No. 19. If the board falls the way it does in this case, I'm a little frustrated that the value at cornerback isn't great here, so I'm content with Ogletree, an immediate help at a thin position. In Round 2, I'm going back to the defensive line, the pass rush in particular. Giants fans who watch every week know the pass rush in 2012 was nowhere near what it had been in previous seasons. They need help, particularly in this division. Then in Round 3, I want to find a new matchup threat for the offense. Reed can outrun some linebackers and can give the Giants a speed element they've lacked at that position.

Valentine's View: Ogletree has been discussed and dissected a million different ways here at Big Blue View. If he turns out to be the pick at No. 19 it's hard to believe anyone would be stunned. We have not profiled Lemonier or Reed, so let's take a quick look.

Corey Lemonier -- Tony Pauline of Draft Insider has Lemonier ranked as the No. 98 prospect on his board. He says Lemonier is "a terrific athlete with the speed to lineup as a one-gap defensive end or as a 3-4 outside linebacker. He offers starting potential at the next level."

Jordan Reed -- Oddly, Pauline has Reed ranked just one spot lower than Lemonier at No. 99. Pauline says "Reed is a pass-catching tight end who occasionally lines up in the slot and consistently comes away with receptions in the secondary. He often looks like a large possession receiver and is not a prospect for all systems. Reed would be effective in a scheme that puts him the motion before the snap, occasionally lines him up in the slot, and even places them in the backfield as an H-back on occasion."

After looking at those reports I can't see either player as a fit for the Giants, especially on Day 2 of the draft.

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