2013 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Vinston Painter, OL, Virginia Tech


We continue our look at 2013 NFL Draft prospects today by discussing a mid- to late-round offensive lineman, Vinston Painter of Virginia Tech.

Today we use our 2013 NFL Draft prospect profile to look at another guy the New York Giants have shown an interest in during the pre-draft process, and another player who plays in the ACC. Last year the Giants dipped into the Virginia Tech pool and grabbed two picks in the first three rounds. Could they go that route again? Vinston Painter is an unheralded guy who flashed at the combine and who has garnered some projections in the late part of round three. But what is odd is that there are virtually no scouting reports on the player because he had a big 2012 and came out of nowhere.

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Good measurables (6-foot-4, 306 pounds, 34-inch long arms and ran a 4.94 40-yard dash with a 30.5-inch vertical jump both were among the best at the combine). Has a good demeanor continues to play through the whistle and will run down the field looking for someone to block. He has smooth feet and has a good kick step and should develop into a plus pass blocker in the NFL. He uses his long arms and can mirror well.

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Bounced around between positions (DT, G) before finally settling in as the starting right tackle this past season. Doesn't possess great functional strength and his hand technique and usage is raw. He overextends and can lose leverage. He looks lost at times -- especially at the second level. Emphasize he needs to get stronger and learn what he's doing.

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Does He Fit With The Giants?

It depends what they are looking for. To me he looks like a guy who could develop into a starting left tackle if he can play with superior technique -- he's a little short for ideal at tackle, but he might never be as a right tackle in a traditional scheme, where the right tackle is a big mauling run blocker like D.J. Fluker. He looks like if he's going to play right tackle in the NFL he'll have to add a lot of weight and strength, but if you're for a guy who can be a good pass protector in a pass heavy scheme he could be a good player. He is also I'd imagine getting looks at guard if you're not looking for a massive guard, he has great length and really good feet. He's an intriguing offensive linemen with good upside that's not going to cost you an early pick, but you have to be patient because his mechanics are a mess at times.

Prospect Video

From @jmpasq, But this is a video that follows Logan Thomas, there are no videos of him specifically you have to watch the right tackle, who will not be highlighted.

This second video is from draftbreakdown.com Again Painter is not highlighted, but is the right tackle and faces off against Goodman -- a talented pass rusher.

Big Board Rankings

CBS Sports-104th overall

He's not on any of the other boards -- but again I think that's because he came out of nowhere and no one knew there was significant interest until the combine. He looks the part of an NFL lineman and he has shows the right demeanor on the field.

Final Thought

I think he's an interesting prospect as a backup left tackle/swing tackle who could develop into a starter though it will take time. He's a better athlete than either Brandon Mosley or James Brewer. I'm hoping the GIants find an offensive linemen they value in the earlier rounds this year, but this is not a bad option if they go the route they typically do.

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