2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft: With 7th pick, Arizona Cardinals select ...

Barkevious Mingo - Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals are up with the seventh overall selection in the 2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft.

Our 2013 Big Blue View Community Mock Draft continues to roll along. We have now reached the seventh overall selection, a pick that belongs to the Arizona Cardinals. Playing the role of general manager for the Browns is 'jensvoigt.'

The selection for the Cardinals is ... Barkevious Mingo, OLB. LSU

'jensvoigt' explains:

Mingo played DE in LSU's 4-3 defense, but will move to OLB in Arizona's 3-4. He possesses all the physical tools to succeed at that spot - elite explosion and closing speed, excellent size and length, and enough lower body strength to set the edge against the run. He plays hard consistently and comes with no known character concerns.

The two primary concerns with Mingo at OLB are his limited development as a pass rusher and lack of experience operating in space. The first can be taught - rushers coming out of college with an arsenal of moves are a rarity. He does occasionally utilize a very effective spin, but for the most part has trouble using his arms to keep offensive linemen away. He needs to develop more upper body strength and moves to maintain separation, but since there are no major questions about his coachability or work ethic it shouldn't be a major mark against him. The second is a bit of a question mark, as there is limited tape of him playing in coverage. What little there is promising though. He’s a fluid looking athlete whose speed and ability to change directions allow him to close quickly on plays underneath him in zone as well as go man-to-man with the occasional running back or tight end.

Valentine's View: I can't say I have a huge issue with the selection. Mocking The Draft made the same selection for the Cardinals Monday in its latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft. Mingo is 14th on the BBV Big Board by Jesse Bartolis, 12th on the Draft Countdown Big Board and sixth on the Mocking The Draft Big Board.

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How does this impact the Giants? Well, Ezekial Ansah, the defensive end from BYU some would love to see with the Giants, is still available. I am, however, actually hoping for at least three quarterbacks to come off the board before the Giants pick at No. 19 -- giving me a wider range of options.

BBV Mock Draft, Round 1
  1. Kansas City Chiefs -- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M [Explanation]
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia [Explanation]
  3. Oakland Raiders -- Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah [Explanation]
  4. Philadelphia Eagles -- Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon [Explanation]
  5. Detroit Lions -- Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan [Explanation]
  6. Cleveland Browns -- Chance Warmack, G, Alabama [Explanation]
  7. Arizona Cardinals -- Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

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