Andre Brown and the RB Who Must Not Be Named

I must admit to having a heavy heart this weekend as I see Ahmad Bradshaw ahead of Andre Brown on today's running back depth chart. I understand the decision, but I'm still caught up in the excitement of Brown Fever. I just finished reading "Victor Cruz - Out of the Blue" and I'm ready to get started on "Andre Brown - Out of the Blue 2: Electric Boogaloo."

Apparently I'm not the only one. Since last Thursday the comments section has been alive with Brown talk. Many fans are comparing him to Rodney Hampton. Many fans are hoping Brown can rise up and take his place among the many fine running backs of Giant history.

Rich Eisen alluded to this history in the last Thursday's NFL Network recap. During the highlights he mentioned that Brown gained more first-quarter yards than any Giant running back since...since...

Sorry, Rich Eisen started to say the name of that running back and suddenly I felt a stabbing sensation in my ears and my mouth filled with the taste of blood and battery acid.

Whoever that mystery running back was, his name seems to have been blocked out of my consciousness. I don't think I'm alone in this. One can only imagine how difficult it would be for a reporter to broach this subject with a Giants fan:

Reporter: "So, I take it you're really excited about Andre Brown...."

Giants Fan: "You better believe it! We haven't had a running back like this since Rodney Hampton!"

Reporter: "Wow, Rodney Hampton...that was a long time ago. You can't remember another Giant running back having this kind of success?"

Giants Fan: "Now that you mention it...Earth, Wind and Fire, baby! Jacobs, Ward and Bradshaw in 2008. That was a hell of a season."

Reporter: "Umm...not quite 2008. I was thinking about a back who played between Rodney Hampton and the 2008 team."

Giants Fan: "Oh, now I gotcha. Charles Way in '97! I loved that guy, still have his jersey in my closet. Damn shame his knee didn't hold up."

Reporter: "No, this back had a longer career than Charles Way."

Giants Fan: "Joe Morris? OJ Andersen?"

Reporter: "....let's play a game: say the name of a Giant running back whose name begins with the letter T."

Giants Fan: "Tyrone Wheatley, Tucker Frederickson, Tuffy Leemans....that's all I got."

Reporter: "Barber! He was a running back and his name is Barber!"

Giants Fan: "I got no idea what you're talking about, pal. Marion Barber never played for the Giants."

Reporter: "OK, let me try a new tact. Who is the biggest scumbag in the history of the New York Giants?"

Giants Fan: "Tiki Barber!"

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