David Diehl, 09.28.12

DD: Each and every day I'm getting better, working hard doing all my rehab stuff, and making good progress every day. My goal was to make it this week and I fell short of my goal. I'm not there yet, but each and every day I'm working, coming in here, watching film, doing everything I can to help these guys. Sitting in the meetings, just doing everything like I normally would do. Just once practice starts I go off and do all my rehab, I run, I try to do everything I can, I'm working to get back as fast as possible.

Q: Any timeframe in mind yet?
A: I don't know. My goal is next week, to be back for the Browns game. Like I said, each and every day it's gotten better. I'm feeling better. I'm doing more stuff each and every day. As much as it is that I want to get back out there, this is the first time I've ever had a knee injury or anything like it. I'm just thankful that it wasn't anything worse with how I got rolled up on. To not tear anything or need surgery, things could've been a lot worse.

Q: You rarely miss games, are you a guy who throws stuff at the TV?
A: Yeah, it's tough. It's tough watching the games and sitting back, but like I said, I'm here helping out as much as I can. I'm watching things with Sean (Locklear), with William (Beatty), watching the defensive ends, doing everything like I normally do during the work week. It's not easy sitting back and not being able to practice and do those things. It's making me even more and more eager to get back out on the field.

Q: What exactly is it, is it a strain?
A: Good guess.

Q: Missing the Eagles game has to be especially tough:
A: Yeah, it's definitely tough missing this game. Each and every year, this is one of the games...the rivalry, the tradition of playing each other, the dislike of one another. This is a game that you love playing because it's going to be a fight for 60 minutes.

Q: You going to be in New Jersey?
A: Yeah.

Q: When you were hurt a few years ago, did you miss the Eagles game?
A: No, I didn't. This is the first time I've ever missed an Eagles game. It's never any fun.

Q: Nothing like driving into Eagles stadium with the bus right?
A: Yeah, people throwing things at the bus. It's what rivalry is all about. It's tough not making this trip.

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