Ahmad Bradshaw, 09.27.12

Q: How do you feel?
A: I feel great. No symptoms at all, nothing. Lets me know that I'm going to be prepared for this week.

Q: What does this game mean to you?
A: Just getting ready. It's a big game for me. I'm ready to get back into things. It's a divisional opponent and I think it's a big contest for our team.

Q: Is it nice to have a running mate in the backfield in Andre Brown?
A: I knew I always had one. Andre and David are great backs, they complement me well. Dre just needed a little confidence and he got it last game.

Q: Were you wearing special shoulder pads today at practice?
A: No.

Q: How big a difference is it that the real refs are back?
A: I don't think any difference. We'll see how it goes.

Q: How do you see the Giants-Eagles rivalry?
A: They're right up the street from us. It's like a backyard brawl. That's just how we take it. All week, just getting prepared, knowing that they have great athletes on their team and at any time they could be playing great football. We just need to be prepared and go in prepared.

Q: The hit on your neck looked bad, were you ever seriously worried?
A: No. It wasn't one certain hit. I actually took a hit and felt tingling in my hands so then it happened again and that's when I sat out. I can't say it was one certain hit that it happened; I can't say it won't happen again. I'm prepared for it, and obviously I can't worry about that.

Q: Was it a sprain?
A: I don't know, a bulge, I don't know.

Q: Disc maybe?
A: Yeah.

Q: Do you expect to resume your normal workload on Sunday night?
A: Yes, I expect to. It's not going to change.

Q: It's a not a surgery thing is it?
A: No, nothing. I mean we can't do anything except let it heal. It's pretty much like an inflamed disc. It's just sitting right on the spinal cord, I guess. The swelling went down and I feel fine now. There's no setbacks, no problems.

Q: No limitations?
A: No.

Q: Any hesitancy about the first hit?
A: No. I love it. That's all that matters.

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