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A quick note before I begin: I've never written one of these and I know that other guys usually do these, so if I'm stepping on any toes or what not I apologize in advance.

My fellow BBV'ers, a couple days ago a radical change was made to SB Nation as a whole, but more importantly those changes were applied to our beloved site, Big Blue View. Now I don't know about yall, but I love the F#@k out of Big Blue View because of the content and the community that it provides for us rabid Giants fans. Never have I been able to talk so much about a team that I love with like-minded individuals who not only love the Giants, but are intelligent when it comes to the matters of our team and football in general. The constant stories, updates, news pieces, and analytical writings of the staff and the community have led me to become a more devoted fan than I already was. It used to be when the Giants scored, I got excited and pumped up, but that was it. Due to Big Blue View, not only am I excited as hell when we score, but I know WHY we scored. Who sprung the block, who read the hole correctly, who ran the perfect route, and so on. In North Carolina, far away from Giants football, Big Blue View has become a home of sorts for my fandom to grow and thrive in.


Remember this? I love that picture. If it didn't make my computer slower than maple syrup moving uphill on a cold day, that would be my current background for my laptop.

Change has rocked our community, even though we knew it was coming. There have been many complaints so far, such as the way there is no chronological order, how there are links to other SB Nation sites that we don't seem to want to read, the extreme blandness of the formatting, the way it's incompatible with mobile devices, and problems with how the website is organized in general. Trust me, as someone who has loved this site for a long time, and has come to love the community and insight that BBV provides, I understand why a lot of people are pissed off. But if anyone is reading this and considering abandoning ship, don't. Yes change freaks us out, that's natural, but this site is not going to really change for the worse. I'm not going to completely advocate this change and say that it's best for the community of BBV, but I don't think there will be any long term, negative effects IF a few things get changed and we have the patience to overcome the initial panic button many people pressed.

With people saying they are giving up BBV, I have to wonder what the hell they are thinking. Most, if not all of the changes are strictly format related. I see no difference in the content of Ed's work, or that of his staff. If anything it's allowed some of the other writers like Jesse and Kelsey to have their writings put up front, which is great since both of them have a lot of valuable information and knowledge that they can share with the community. How can you throw aside a website with such a great community and such thoughtful content just because the format has changed? It might be a little extra work to get to certain stories, but I'm sure that once everyone is familiar with the way the new site works that "extra work" will be nothing. And if not, I'm still of the opinion that since this is the best site around it's worth a few extra clicks to get to the stuff that our community really cares about. Are we really so lazy or so busy that we don't have a few extra seconds in our day to get to some of the stories posted on this site? I'm a freshman in college trying to balance out my increasing workload, having a real life, and a bunch of other crap, yet I find this new format is not affecting the time I spend on this site negatively, and I still have plenty of time for the other parts of my life that don't exactly revolve around the New York Giants. So as far as getting very up in arms about this whole change, lets give Ed and his staff a break. Big Blue View still seems like it's going to be a great community and many of the old regs are going to be staying around and contributing to the site in the future. I'm not going to speak for anyone else, but I'm not jumping ship unless something utterly terrible happens to this site. And this new change is not something utterly terrible.

Now for a picture because I'm seeing too many words, and that can get boring.


Remember how a lot of us (including myself unfortunately) initially didn't like when the Giants drafted JPP in the first round?'s that working out for us? You down with BBV?


While I'm completely on board with Big Blue View, I do think that there are a few aspects of this new site that should be addressed. I'm not sure who would do the addressing or who has the power to fix some of these issues, but I'm going to make these a few suggestions just for the hell of it.

My first suggestion is that it is almost a necessity to return the fanpost section to a position of prominence on this website. It's only been a few days but I can easily say that I HATE how the fanpost section has been cast off and made seemingly unimportant. One of the huge aspects of BBV that I absolutely love is reading the fanposts of other community members, especially since we have such an educated fan base here. Pushing the fanposts into a corner is going to take away from a huge, unique part of this site that many people love. We've had community members post mind-blowing pieces that contributed to this site immensely. Posts like these could never get written by the BBV staff because sometimes it's simply not part of the criteria that they must write about and sometimes they just don't have the time to come up with such unique writings and ideas that some of the fans have. Again, it can't be stressed enough that the fanpost section is a big reason as to why this Giants site trumps all the others. Our voices are not only allowed to be heard, but on the old BBV they were made prominent and recognized. Take that away with a watered down fanpost section and you take away from the community voice. I highly recommend that you don't take away from such an intelligent, unique community voice that has become a trademark of Big Blue View. That also means not having only two slots for recommended posts. There are some fanposts that deserve to stay at the top for as long as possible because they contribute so greatly to the site itself. I'm not sure who would be in charge of changing this, but I have to say that this is one thing that can't be bullsh!tted around, it just needs to get done. I apologize if that seems to harsh, but I think I'm being pretty fair.

My other suggestion is there just needs to be more color on this site. I hate to agree, but the bland whiteness makes this site seem like a generic Yahoo or ESPN forum, and while the content dictates that that's not the case, the look and feel of the site is still the same upon first glance. Adding blue in the margins or in the comment sections would go miles as to improving people's attitude towards the new format. Nobody wants to feel like they are a generic commenter on a generic site, especially not when we have such a close community. The more color and personalization that gets put back into this site, the better it will be. I understand the urge to look modern and cutting edge, but in this realm of the internet it just isn't necessary. I'd like to have that slight feeling of home that color offers on this site, because in some ways this site is a home. A home for Giants discussion and a home for a diehard Giants community. Give that feeling the respect it deserves, that way members of the community aren't feeling like the site has "sold out" and become a "corporate giant".

Another Picture?


If you really want to reach for comparisons, you could say that the changes to BBV came at us like the sudden stardom of Victor Cruz. Watching his preseason game against the Jets, you could vaguely tell something was coming, but it didn't register until it hit you right in the nose.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day (thank you Antrel Rolle) we are still the strong, educated community that we have always been. I hope that everyone that is considering abandoning this site will think long and hard before they give up on such a great community of Giants fans. There are still some kinks that will need to get worked out by all those in charge of this new change, but eventually we should all adjust and return to focusing completely on football and how our beloved team is fairing. If the suggestions that I and a few other members of the community have raised are addressed and applied to the site, I think we may end up having an even better site for Giants football then we did before.

FanPosts are written by community members. This is simply a way for community members to express opinions too long to be contained in a comment.

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