Justin Tuck, 09.24.12

Q: Did you watch the Eagles game yesterday?
A: Parts of it.

Q: What did you take away from what you saw out of them?
A: I saw them lose. I watched it as a fan yesterday. I didn't necessarily decipher it yet, but we'll get on that here in a minute.

Q: Do you think Vick has looked the same as the last couple of years?
A: I don't know. I saw some plays in that game where he still looked the same and he got out of the pocket and started running, but it's tough. I think he's had some injuries on the O-Line and he's getting some clean shots on him and obviously that's going to take a toll on any player, not only him. I think he's still one of the most dangerous people on the football field.

Q: When you're 0-1 in the division, does that second game take on an extra importance?
A: Every game takes on extra importance with us now. We've got a very tough division. It seems like every team is gonna be right there and have a shot at it, so we've just got to do our part in trying to keep pace with these guys and I'm hoping that we can do that this week.

Q: Their offensive line is pretty banged up.
A: We're pretty banged up ourselves. They're still gonna have five O-Linemen and we're still gonna have four D-Lineman.

Q: Do you like the fact that Corey played with a broken hand and made tackles?
A: Corey has always been tough. He just hasn't had to prove it because he's been pretty healthy all his career, but we know what to expect from that guy. He's going to go out there and compete and it's a bummer he had to break his hand, but he'll be ready to play on Sunday. I know that.

Q: How difficult is it to manage the weird schedule?
A: It's been pretty tough, but lucky for us going forward, it seems like we get kind of on a regular schedule here in the next couple of games and I think a lot of guys are looking forward to that. No more Thursday night games, no more Wednesday night games, so hopefully these next couple of weeks we kind of settle in and kind of get our bearings.

Q: What does it do for you on defense knowing that you have a well-balanced offensive attack?
A: I don't know how much it does for us on defense, but I know how much it is for other defenses. It's been a lot of Eli and Victor and Hakeem... so now when you take some of that pressure off Eli and getting in these manageable down and distances, that's going to be tough. We were pretty rested the last game because they controlled the ball and moved it down the field and gave our defense a lot of rest, so I think that's a huge (advantage) coming in the fourth quarter and still having your legs up under you and to be able to finish games on defense.

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