NFL Week 3: Assessing The NFC East

Three weeks of the NFL season are in the books -- with the exception of the Monday Night Football game. With the New York Giants heading to Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night to face the Philadelphia Eagles. With no Giants game to discuss today, let's offer some quick thoughts on the NFC East, starting with the Giants' competition.

Dallas Cowboys -- Dallas is 2-1 and, technically, ahead of the Giants because of the season-opening victory. Can anyone, however, say that the Cowboys have been impressive the past two weeks? Dallas got routed by Seattle in Week 2. In Week 3, facing a defense against which the Giants accumulated more than 600 yards of offense, the Cowboys managed one touchdown and quarterback Tony Romo turned the ball over three times (two fumbles and an interception).

Philadelphia Eagles -- The Eagles (2-1) opened the season with a pair of fortunate one-point victories, but were hammered Sunday by the Arizona Cardinals, 27-6. We know all about all of the weapons the Eagles have on offense and the big-name players they have on defense. In Big Blue View parlance, the Eagles are the definition of a 'Kwillie.' They are a big play waiting to happen -- you just never know which team the play will be for. Philadelphia leads the league with 12 turnovers and only the Kansas City Chiefs (-8) are worse than Philadelphia with a -6 turnover ratio.

Washington Redskins -- The Redskins are now 1-2 after a 38-31 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. With rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III the Redskins are exciting, and they can score points (99 in three games). What they can't do is stop anybody. Washington has surrendered 101 points in three games, and the 429.3 yards per game they are giving up is third-worst in the league behind the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans

NFC East Standings

New York Giants 2 1 0 94 65
Dallas 2 1 0 47 54
Philadelphia 2 1 0 47 66
Washington 1 2 0 99 101

(updated 9.24.2012 at 4:12 AM EDT)

All of that brings us to the Giants. Yes, the Giants lost to Dallas. Yes, they had to fight like crazy to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants, though, went into Carolina on a short week and laid a beating on the Panthers -- a team many believe is capable of making the playoffs.

The Giants, right now, are clearly the team that has improved the most the first three weeks of the season. The Cowboys, Redskins and Eagles don't appear to have gotten better, while the Giants have made noticeable strides in each game.

The Giants have shown resilience and tremendous depth already, both traits which should serve them well over the next 13 games.

Head coach Tom Coughlin made 'Build The Bridge' from last season's title run to this season the theme for 2012. That bridge seemed on shaky ground after Week 1. It seems to be on much better footing right now.

After Sunday night we will have a much better idea how solid that bridge actually is. And what type of team the 2012 Giants might be.

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