Things I want to believe and don't want to believe about Big Blue @Week 3

This post was put up just after we dominated the Panthers in Week 3.

Things I WANT to believe after this game:

  1. We have found our new starting running back. In this game Andre Brown followed his blocks to the tee, probably the best I've seen since Rodney Hampton (that may be overstating it at this point but he was VERY good). Also was effective catching the ball out of the flat.
  2. Move over Plax, Pharaoh has taken over. Ramses Barden will not only come on the field for fade routes but be our #3 and go-to guy. Think 6' 6" SS12. If he keeps playing like this another team will sign him in the offseason.
  3. Eli has begun to trust the tall guys. In Week 2, I saw a lot of Eli overthrowing MBennett and the Pharaoh. HOW do you overthrow open guys who are 6'7" and 6' 6"???? Not much of that this game but still some high throws for these two in Week 3 IMO.
  4. OL can run block.
  5. MBennett actually does not have hands of stone.
  6. Fewell calling more blitzes (IMO) is a good thing, getting away from that Tampa 2 crap and moving more toward a Spags-ish playcalling. Getting turnovers.

Things I DON'T want to believe after Week 3:

  1. Osi should be a 3rd down end. He does bring pressure still, but I saw him getting just pushed out of the play time and time again... The sack was nice, tho.
  2. Tuck is not an elite pass rusher anymore. Great stopping the run though. Put him in at DT on passing downs where he had success in years past?
  3. It seems we are having to rely on Eli every week.
  4. If we don't get some quality play at cornerback, elite receivers are going to eat us alive. I saw too many tackles on WRs by KP or Rolle.
  5. Fewell is blitzing more because the front four cannot get a consistent pass rush anymore.
  6. I've been a fan of Hynoceros, but even when he has been on the field he has been unspectacular.
  7. Chase Blackburn is still our MIKE.

Just my $.02 at this time, have at it!

SP, the No.1 Giants fan. In Japan.

Giants fan since '84. BBV since 2009. Big Blue 4Life.

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