"The World's Team"

Greetings, BBV. I'm a "first time, long time" of sorts. Been lurking since...before the 07' Super Bowl, at least. My earliest Giants memory is being a young tyke listening to Pa raving about Charlie "Show Me The Way". I'm much obliged to the reception my first post received, t was a brain wave I'd been holding close to my chest for far too long.

But I'm here now to talk about a happier thought, that spawns out of the same lines.

We're all painfully aware of the way the Cowboys are shoved down our collective throats as "American's Team". As though the massive population that spans the greater BosWash metropolitan area is un-American, quite absurd...but I digress.

But I've been thinking for awhile now that there's a strong case to be made for the giants as "The World's Team".

First, there's the strong presence of players with international roots. This may be present on other teams as well, but taking tally of the Giants we have the following heritages and backgrounds:

-Victor Cruz (Puerto Rican heritage)

-Markus Kuhn (native German)

-Osi Umenyiora (born in England to Nigerian parents)

-Jason Pierre-Paul (Haitian, first-generation)

-Mathias Kiwanuka (grandfather was first Prime Minister of Uganda, so strong Ugandan heritage there)

-Prince Amukamara (Nigerian Royalty)

-Lawrence Tynes (Scottish)

That seems like a lot of international influence to me, and personally I love it. Goes well with the international spirit of NYC.

Furthermore, I've noticed more international love for the Giants than any other team. consider this:

-I have had British friends online tell me they have giants sympathies when vaguely keeping up with American football, and they have told me that a great deal of Britain has the same sympathies as a result of the Giants being the dominant team at the time American football was first accessible on British TV at all (in the great run of the 80s).

-Famous Englishman Daniel Radcliffe, aka "Harry Potter", is a confirmed NYG fan. And not just in passing. I've researched it, he's a die hard. He's rapidly learning the game, and he's unabashed in his love of the team even in Britain, strutting around with a Giants cap. He was at the first round of the draft, even!

-I've seen several other international fans on BBV, I can't remember their names but distinctly remember a Frenchman, and Englishman, and an Aussie somewhere on here at some point or another.

-And is it so hard to believe that the rest of the world can get behind the most famous American city, that feels so much like a city that belongs to the whole world, that accepted so many of their immigrants, more than a team like the "Cowboys", with image so "ugly american"-ism connected with the name whether fairly or not?

I wish I had more hard data to back it up further, but it just seems to me that for all the crap the New York Football Giants get Stateside, there's a lot of love abroad, and a lot of international diversity right there on the team.

With this in mind, I propose that we henceforth claim to be 'The World's Team", until it catches on across the internet and eventually on ESPN. We'll know it worked when Stephen A. Smith uses it to crush Skip Bayless.

Just a thought, anyway. Do I hear a second?

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