Zone vs Man Coverage: A look back at the defensive statistics from Week 2

What's good BBV? I have for you the defensive statistics from week 2 against the Bucs. Once again I re-watched the game using coaches film to see just how much man and zone coverage was used. This week I decided to include some statistics about bump and run/press vs. off/read and react coverage as well. One thing that I noticed that was interesting/frustrating was that often times the Giants corners would line up close to the line of scrimmage, seeming like they were going to jam the Bucs receivers. Instead, at the last second they would either bail out or not lay a hand on them. Why? I have no clue, but there it is.

I am providing the raw data here, so you can use it for your general knowledge and for discussion. I have also provided a breakdown of some of the big plays on defense.

There were a total of 28 pass attempts by Josh Freeman and the Bucs:

  • On 8 of those plays, the Giants were in man coverage
  • On 18 of those plays, the Giants were in zone coverage
  • On 2 plays I had trouble determining what type of coverage the Giants were in. On the first drive of the game, on the incomplete screen pass I could not tell what coverage the Giants were in. Also, on the interception by Webster it seems like the Giants were in a combo coverage, but I was not sure (more details later).
  • On 5 plays the Giants were in press coverage, and on 22 plays the Giant defenders either did not press, or were in an off/read and react coverage
  • Freeman completed 3 out of 8 passes against man coverage (about 38% completion)
  • Freeman completed 12 out of 18 passes against zone coverage (about 67% completion)
  • Freeman completed 2 out of 5 passes against press coverage
  • One TD came against man coverage and one TD came against zone coverage

Key Plays:

1. On the TD to Jackson in the 2nd quarter, the defense is in man coverage, with Webster covering Williams, and Coe covering Jackson on the outside. Webster presses his man, but Coe gives Jackson a free release. Also, the Giants blitzed on the play with J. Williams as the extra rusher, Osi and Jpp on the outside with Tuck and Kiwi inside.

2. On the interception by Webster at the end of the 3rd quarter, either the defense was in a combo coverage, or Hosley blew his assignment. Webster takes his man on a crossing route, Coe follows his receiver on a skinny post, but Hosley, who is in the slot, re-routes his receiver and lets him go.

3. On the TD to Williams at the end of the 4th quarter, the Giants are in zone coverage. Tryon and Webster are covering the outside receivers, and Hosley is in the slot. Once again, JPP and Osi rush from the outside, and Tuck and Kiwi are inside. Boley, Blackburn and Rolle are covering the middle of the field. KP is in the deep middle of the field covering nobody really. Williams runs a simple 9 route and Tryon is in perfect position to make a play on the ball but doesn't.

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