Giants Vs. Buccaneers, Game Rewind

Sep 16, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) passes during the fourth quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at MetLife Stadium. Giants won 41-34. Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

As you guys know, the NFL has now made 'All-22' coaches film available via its 'Game Rewind' package. So, each week we will try to review the All-22 film and see if it leads us to any different impressions than we had in 'Kudos & Wet Willies,' or if we notice anything else interesting.

A caveat. I am a writer, not a full-fledged NFL analyst. I didn't play college football and I won't pretend to be able to break down film like an NFL coach or analyst paid to do that for a living. What I can, and will, do is use the All-22 and the Pro Football Focus data to try and give you a better understanding, from my vantage point, of what might be going on with the Giants.

On Monday, I gave 'Kudos' to the Giants offensive line. With David Diehl sidelined, Sean Locklear moved to the right side and Will Beatty -- finally recovered from his back woes -- saw his first extended duty on the left side. The line held up really well in pass protection, with Manning passing 51 times without being sacked. The Giants also ran for an average of 3.8 yards per carry.

First impression, then, was that both Beatty and Locklear did good jobs. Both were beaten on a couple of occasions in pass protection, but Manning's ability to slide in the pocket and get rid of the ball quickly avoided sacks.

Beatty graded out at +0.2 overall in the Pro Football Focus score, a solid +2.1 in run-blocking. Locklear was -1.6 overall, but +1.1 run-blocking. Chris Snee also had a good day, +3.1 overall and +2.1 run-blocking.

The run play that jumped out at me on the All-22 was Brown's 23-yard run in the second quarter. Locklear pulled and led the way with a nice block, while center David Baas drove his man into the backfield and pancaked him.

A few other notes

- The spin move by Doug Martin that created an 8-yard touchdown run is one of the best you will ever see. The hole is plugged by a giants' defensive lineman, and Mathias Kiwanuka is right there ready to make the tackle. Then, suddenly, Martin isn't there any longer.

- I watched Justin Tuck a lot. His run defense is OK, but as a pass-rusher he just doesn't seem to be getting off his blocks at all. That observation from an untrained eye and I could be wrong, but it really doesn't seem difficult to see. Tuck's -2.1 was this week's lowest Pro Football Focus score on the defensive side.

- On the pick six Eli Manning threw at the end of the first half it is really obvious Tampa Bay cornerback Eric Wright is not supposed to be there to pick the ball off. He is on a blitz and simply pulls up and gets in the passing lane. But a guy who has been around as long as Manning has to see him.

- On the 80-yard touchdown pass to Cruz, Tampa Bay blitzes, sending a linebacker on a stunt. It looks to me like Beatty picks up the wrong guy, leaving Mason Foster free to nail Manning. Eli deftly steps up in the pocket as Foster sails by, then delivers a strike to Cruz for the score.

- On the ensuing two-point conversion, I think even I would have been smart enough to audible to the run up the gut for Andre Brown. The Buccaneers looked like they were playing pass, leaving a hole up the middle wide enough that the play barely even needed to be blocked.

- On the 41-yard pass to Mike Williams that tied the game at 34, cornerback Justin Tryon is in perfect position the whole way -- until he gets into the end zone. Then, he backpedals right past the play and Williams hauls in the pass.



Eli Manning +5.8
Hakeem Nicks +4.9
Victor Cruz +3.3
Chris snee +3.1
Andre Brown +2.3
Martellus Bennett -1.1
Ramses Barden -1.1
David Diehl -1.8
David Baas -2.8


Jason Pierre-Paul +4.1
Linval Joseph +2.4
Kenny Phillips +1.8
Michael Coe +1.3
Rocky Bernard +1.1
Markus Kuhn -1.1
Mathias Kiwanuka -1.3
Justin Tryon - 1.3
Michael Boley - 2.1
Justin Tuck - 2.1

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