Victor Cruz, 09.12.12

Q: Three drops in your first game last year would’ve been a whole different thing. Now, you’re a guy who has done it before and had some big games. Does that help? Knowing you can fall back on experience?

A: A little bit. It’s game one; it’s not the Super Bowl. It’s not a playoff game. It’s just game one, and we just want to be able to go out there, personally, put together a good performance, catch everything and help my team win the football game.

Q: When we had asked Tom Coughlin about it, his quote was, ‘you had lapses in concentration at times in the past.’

A: Yeah, that’s accurate. There are times where I’m just trying to make the play, trying to make the big play before I catch the football. I’m subject to that at times. I guess that’s just a matter of be trying to be too hyped up for the game, and things like that.

Q: In the interview on FAN yesterday, you sounded like you said you didn’t work hard enough?

A: I don’t think I ever said that. I think it was me explaining that at certain times throughout the game, I just get overly excited about making a play, and I forget to do the little things. I forget to catch the ball, before I run. I don’t think I ever said, ‘I didn’t work hard enough.’

Q: It’ll be a week and a half after a loss. Not just you, but the entire team, after a loss like that, how difficult is it to have to wait to play the game?

A: We had a couple of days off. We got to see a lot of football being played this past Sunday. We have to wait another week, so we’re anxious to get back out there. Practice went smoothly today. Guys are really playing hard, and really paying attention to detail. So we’re excited to get out there. We’re excited to get back at it.

Q: Condolences on the passing of your Grandmother. Can you tell us, what does it mean to you? The loss, how is it affecting you?

A: She meant the world to me. Besides my Mom, she practically raised me. It’s obviously tough to go through. You just have to take it in stride, and understand that it was her time to go, and God wanted another angel up there with Him.

Q: Will there be services?

A: Yes. There will be services on Thursday and Friday.

Q: Will you be able to go?

A: Yeah, I’ll be able to go after practice on Thursday. On Friday, I’m going to the funeral.

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