Will Beatty, 09.10.12

Q: How do you feel?
A: For me, if I don’t feel any pain, I feel good. Last week I felt good and ready to go during the game. Gave me a few plays… Felt good during those plays and I’m just waiting until he gives me the go ahead.

Q: How realistic would it be to say now you’re going to play 65 snaps or play four quarters?
A: I’m trying to take snaps with… I’m really taking them with the ones. I’m taking the snaps there. I’m also doing them with the twos, so I’m still going against Osi and JPP full-go like letting them know that I’m in here. That I’m trying to work myself out, not just work them out, so Osi has been doing a great job of just helping me out in that aspect. I feel good. I’m just waiting for the coach to give me… Once you’re in there, as a O-Line, you’re in there. It’s not both take a few plays, come out… That type of thing, so I’m just waiting for him to give me a go out there.

Q: Do you think they’re limiting you because of your physical conditioning or is it a situation where they’re also trying to determine a chemistry situation?
A: I think if you ask him, he’ll probably tell you the truth.

Q: If they give you the go ahead, do you think you can handle it?
A: I know I can handle it. It’s my job. We had the preseason too… O.K., they said they were going to rest me, so that was my timetable to be ready for the first game and it just so happened that they didn’t need to use me, but as my mindset, I’m still preparing myself for me starting the game.

Q: Do you have any issues that would prevent you from playing in the game?
A: No. The only thing with the back was the back wasn’t where it should’ve been, so it was like rush, get yourself right. The last two weeks, I had no problems, no setbacks… We had that three-day break. Felt good coming in today. They still had me rotating with the ones. I took my full reps, but I took with ones and I then took them with twos, so it’s not like I’m limited at practice. It’s just bringing me back.

Q: Are you impressed with Tampa’s run defense?

A: I think Tampa Bay is a good opportunity for us to get our run game in order because what they did, showing that they’re not going to let a team run against them and if everyone is saying that’s our problem, then we have a great team to go against that’s going to bring out a lot in us. I’m looking forward to it.

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