Official 2012 BBV Survival Football Week 2

If you missed last week you can still join its not too late, but you will start off with a Strike.

We still have Monday football left but since no one picked any of those teams I went ahead and posted Week 2.

Remember to REC this so we can still get more people to join.


Everyone MUST make a selection before the first game of the week.

Each week, you select one team that you believe will be a winner. If that professional team wins, you remain Active and live to pick again the following week. If the football team you selected loses (or the game ends in a tie), you incur a Strike. 3 strikes and you are Eliminated from the competition and may no longer make future picks.
Sounds easy right, the catch is you cannot pick the same football team more than once during the regular season. Good luck!

Enter a comment on the team you choose below:


Bears at Packers

Bucs at Giants

Raid at Dolphins

Tex at Jags

Brown at Bengals

Chief at Bills

Rave at Eagles

Saint at Panthers

Cards at Patriots

Viks at Colts

Skins at Rams

Cows at Seahawks

Jets at Steelers

Titan at Chargers

Lions at 49ers

Bron at Falcons

P.S. If you want to play the yahoo version someone here has made a group just for us: Check it out:

I'll be playing that one as well - cause you can't play too much survivor Football - its quick and ez

Last weeks results and this weeks picks below:

Name Week1 Week2
3rd = Eagles Giants
Amster = Steelers Raiders
ct17 = Panthers Redskins
DavidE= late entry Texans
DGF = Vikings Raiders
Dmanin = Saints ?
Drizzy = Bears ?
Invict = Giants Texans
Jason= Patriots Ravens
Jesse = Eagles Bengals
jhMLB= Eagles Giants
Just J = Texans Redskins
Larry = Lions Falcons
meigs14 = Bears Bengals
mnat = Eagles Patriots
nets= late entry Giants
NYG_= Texans Redskins
Plaxico = Eagles Texans
sejo28 = Lions Bengals
SFlori = Texans Ravens
Simms = Eagles Patriots
sv1031 = Texans Patriots
telcoch= late entry Redskins
Teuma = Bears ?
TheBlood= Eagles Texans
TheWenz= Falcons Texans
Troy 0 = Bears Bengals
Ualtar = Saints Chargers
wangs = Giants ?
Willg = Eagles Cowboys
Giant= late entry Giants
Slapp= late entry Giants

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