Michael Boley, 09.01.12

A: I felt pretty good then, so coming here today and just feeling even better now.

Q: You felt good at practice? Did you do a lot at practice today?
A: So so. Took a few reps here and there.

Q: Do you need to be out there a little more?

A: You need it. Anytime that you miss significant time, you’ve got to get reps and try to build that chemistry with the guys you’re going to be playing with.

Q: You had very significant wins against the Cowboys last year. Those were nice memories?
A: I mean it was a division win. Anytime we can get a win against a very good division opponent… You always look back, it’s something to hang your hat on.

Q: How hard is it to play the opening game in that you’re looking at preseason film and that’s vanilla and there are guys who have changed, who were not on the Cowboys last year. How much are you really in the dark going into this game?

A: Personally, I feel like most teams are in the dark when it comes to their first regular season game because I feel like a lot of teams do some things that they plan on doing during the regular season, but for the most part, the preseason is trying new stuff. You’re giving people new looks.

Q: Do you have a feeling on whether you’ll be ready for the opener or not?

A: I feel like I’ll be ready.

Q: How do you feel physically?
A: I feel good.

Q: Did you practice fully or limited?
A: Limited today.

Q: Tom said that this summer was about finding out whether you guys were the 7-7 team or the 6-0 team that finished the season. Do you have a sense of which team this is?
A: This team has gotten better from where we left off last year. Coming into this offseason, the way we ended last year just gave us something to build on. Just adding more pieces to the puzzle and trying to keep the train rolling.

Q: Does the confidence carry over? You guys were playing like you couldn’t lose during the playoffs.

A: It has to carry over. For us to accomplish what we did toward the end of last year and then winning it all, that’s something to definitely boost you.

Q: Do you have to weigh the 10-day layoff after this game and say maybe it’s better to just take that whole period or do you want to be back for this game?
A: As a competitor, I don’t like to miss games, period. I’m hoping I’ll be out there and I look forward to it.

Q: Is it important for this team to show everybody that you’re going to defend your title?

A: For us, it’s definitely important. We’ve got a lot to ride on, especially beginning the way we did last year. Coming into this year, starting Wednesday, it’s going to determine where we’re going to go as a team.

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