Shaun Rogers Transcript, 08.04.12

Q: You've been to a couple of training camps now. How's this one treating you?

A: It's all right. There are a few changes from the CBA that don't allow us to do the grind twice a day as we did in the past, but it's all right.

Q: Were you very upset by these changes?

A: Oh man, I'm devastated. I can't believe they took all this beautiful sun tanning time away from us.

Q: You guys don't just get together and say hey let's just go out for another one?

A: Yeah we tried to do that but they wouldn't let us go out there. They closed the field on us.

Q: In the off-season [the coaches] held you out a bit. Coach Nunn said that he's very happy with what you've done between then and now because you've hit the ground running here. Do you feel good coming to this camp?

A: I feel like a 12-year vet. I feel good, but like I said before, I'm just here to play a position and fill in where they want me. If he's excited about it and if he's happy with it I most definitely feel that same way.

Q: Tuck was saying that you were one of the most motivated veterans come into camp. Do you feel that way?

A: There are still things left to prove, especially coming into an atmosphere where these guys won a championship last year. That's one of the things on my resume that I'm lacking, so that's motivation for me. I want to play a part in hopefully getting another ring for these guys and not just be along for the ride.

Q: What can you bring to the table here? Obviously this is a team with a good defensive line, what do you bring?

A: These guys are most definitely athletic and physical. I feel like I bring a little bit of size so maybe in those short-yard run scheme teams I can bring a little beef and sturdiness in the middle. Those guys have already done a wonderful job, and like I said they're tremendous athletes. Hopefully, my size and knowledge of the game can play a little part.

Q: A lot of the younger guys have said that you've been very helpful to them. Is that something you focus on or is that something that just sort of happens?

A: I think that's a crucial part of the game. I was brought up by some older guys who passed a lot of knowledge and things on to me, so hopefully I'm able to do the same.

Q: Who were some of the guys that helped you along?

A: Robert Porcher in Detroit, but there are numerous guys. I'm so old I'm forgetting people's names now. I'll have to go back and look at the roster but Robert [Beetle] Bailey in Detroit. Names are eluding me but if you go back and look at that roster there were a lot of veteran guys on that team that most definitely left an imprint on me.

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