Cut-down Day: 'Bubble' Players Anxiously Await Their Fate

Aug 29, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants running back Andre Brown (35) finds opening against the New England Patriots during the second half at MetLife Stadium. Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

Today is cut-down day in the NFL as teams have to reach the 53-man roster limit by 9 p.m. ET. That makes this an incredibly nervous day for many players throughout the league.

How are some of those 'bubble' players on the New York Giants handling the wait?

Andre Brown has been through this in each of the past two seasons, and has been waived eight times in his career by five different teams. He calls himself a "bad expert" on the topic.

"I’ll probably go watch a movie or something. I’m going to be looking at the phone and just hope and pray that I’m coming in here and getting ready for Dallas," Brown said.

Brown, a 2009 fourth-round pick by the Giants who has only two regular-season carries (for Denver in 2010), thinks he did everything he could to make the active roster.

"I feel very comfortable. I feel very good with my ability and that I came out there and I produced what I did. I was out there on special teams. I did pretty good there. On offense, I picked up my blocks. I was solid in my protection and I feel as though I put my best foot forward," Brown said.

Rookie defensive end Adewale Ojomo led the team in sacks during the preseason. Today he finds out if he did enough to make the team.

"I’m really nervous right now at this point," said Ojomo. "This is my livelihood. It’s a lot banking on this, so I’m kind of nervous right now. I’ll just be getting my mind mentally ready for whatever comes."

Rookie wide receiver David Douglas wasn't sure how he would spend the day.

"It’s just kind of waiting, I guess, just kind of to see what happens. It’s been a long time coming to this day and a lot of us will be in the hotel. A lot of us younger guys waiting to kind of see our fate. We’ll see what happens," Douiglas said. "There’s a lot of us that stay around the hotel and we’ve become good buds, a lot of us. So we’ll probably all be hanging around and just around each other. Keep each other company.

"You don’t want the phone to ring."

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