Unique Preseason Perspective

I am a rare individual that loves preseason - I enjoy the competition and watching guys play hard for more than a spot on this team, but riches.

Players that stood out:

Our three dedicated special teams guys. Al Davis (RIP) used to believe that these three players were extremely important to a teams success (just look at the salaries of them on the Raiders now) - I agree. Despite the media's portrayal of him the past 15 years, the guy revolutionized football and was ahead of his time on many things.

Zak Deossie, our rarely mentioned captain has a true blue (see what i did there?) collar approach to his craft. Additionally in the bears game (i think) he made a phenomenal special teams tackle on a punt and when he got to the sideline the team went crazy for him. Loved it. Also he ran a 4.58 40-yard dash, quite impressive for essentially a skilled lineman.

Tynes - third tynes a charm looked great, took him in every fantasy league. He has come a long way, and I feel like Tom Coughlin's preaching of consistency shines through him.

Weatherford - Love the guy, talks shit about the jets in a classy way. Big leg. Consistent. Underrated holder as well.


Adrian Robinson - Although you can tell he is confused on many snaps, he plays hard and is not afraid to take on contact. I would be shocked if he doesn't make the team based on his upside and the fact that our kings package is sneaky good (2 TE's tight 2 RB's in I formation and Hakeem split out) If defenses don't double Hakeem, Eli wins that 1v1 all day.

Ramses Barden - The kid looks good - plays the ball well and if not pressed gets off the line quick. That said i don't know if he should make the team. I think Randle is the better player and is just as big a threat in the redzone.

Andre Brown - I know many of you think he should not make the team. I disagree. I love a back that finishes runs, and not many do it better than this kid. This past game they called his number maybe 10 times on one drive. You could tell linebackers did not want to take him on and he displayed good patience waiting for what little holes there were. I think his pass blocking is underrated as well. I would not only be comfortable with him getting the rock in a game, but be excited to see him punish DB's.

Jim Cordle - I like his versatility and his pass blocking. I think his run blocking is meh, but I would be comfortable with him.

Isiah Stanback - This former college QB has great size, great hands, plays special teams well. I know he has some penalty's for blocks in the back, but i think those can be corrected. I would take him over Barden - and think he is sneaky good if ever called upon to play.


Adewale Ojomo - This guy was amazing in the TV show Lost. Jokes aside, he has bulked up very nicely from high school to college to the pro's. He looks like a grown man at 270 lbs and may not be at the bottom of the depth chart at the end of the season.

Broha - This guy will play for another team this year. Sad to see him go.

Markus Kuhn - I see a lot of Gerald McCoy in him - similar build, athleticism, and great ability to collapse the pocket - he made Broha, Ojomo and Tracy look great. This is another guy i would be excited to see play. This is me going out on a limb - but i see him above Marvin Austin on the depth chart behind Bernard and Linval.

Herzlich - Carl Banks needs to get off his D. His game is at the point where i expect him to play well.

Will Hill - Give him a year, and we may have a pro-bowl type player.

JWIll- This kid should never come off the field, he is a better version of keith rivers.

Tryon - A lot of mocks don't have him making the team. I like his game, despite his small stature. He had an amazing tackle last night against the Pats in run support while being blocked in the open field by an offensive tackle.

Overall i think this Defense is the best it has been in my lifetime. The only position in question is corner back, but we have some gamers out there - so i am not worried.

The offense will be good not great. Eli will make up for the O-Line, but may cause some bad games. I think Nicks is a lock for another 1k+ season, plays the ball so well its scary. Victor Cruz has become over-hyped, his hands are average at best - his running ability is great though I think he will be one of the best second receivers in the game.

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